Vision and Mission


Our vision is diverse communities connecting across boundaries by knowing and valuing their own and each others’ stories of life, faith, cultures, and histories.

Vision Illumination

We understand ourselves to be conservers of the historical and ongoing stories of diverse Anabaptists with connections to Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. 

We understand ourselves to be learners, actively pursuing new information and mutually-beneficial relationships across boundaries.

We understand ourselves to be communicators, interpreting Lancaster Anabaptist-connected stories for interested audiences.


Our mission is to hold, honor, and share items and stories featuring the lived experiences and faith values of Lancaster Mennonites and interrelated communities.

Mission Illumination

We recognize and value cultural diversity within Lancaster Mennonite-connected communities.

We recognize and value important relationships with interrelated communities, especially, but not limited to, those with Native American partners and African American partners.

Core Values

Education   We encourage exploration of diverse, Mennonite-related historical backgrounds, cultures, stories

Preservation   We keep and care for documents and artifacts

Accessibility   We proactively make our collections and educational experiences broadly available

Intentional Health   We nurture personal and organizational health, living with integrity and accountability

Relationships   We seek to be connected and to connect others

Faith   As communities we seek to follow Christ in daily life