Family Charts

Ancestral Fan Chart

Get a jump-start on your genealogy research with this gorgeous, unique fan chart from the Lancaster Mennonite Historical Society book and museum store. Our own design and our most popular item!

Printed in distinctive red and black ink on ivory, acid-free stock, this chart allows you to record your ancestors back to the tenth generation. Names in numbered blocks allow you to see your descent from all ancestral lines at a glance.

The blocks are arranged in a semi-circular pattern by paternal and maternal lineage from 1 at the center to 1,023 in the right corner. You can begin the center chart block with your own name (one chart), your parents (two charts), or your child (or children). Numbers follow standard genealogical format.

This chart comes flat or rolled for calligraphy and framing, but it folds easily for use as a working copy as well. Blank charts make meaningful anniversary or holiday gifts for genealogy researchers, and family members welcome completed charts as showpieces.

Size: 25 x 36.5 inches

Price per chart:

Feree Family Chart

Large, ornate black-and-white wall poster

Size: 45 x 36 inches

Price: $16

Ferree Family Lancaster Homesteads Map

Full-color map with photos of homesteads

Size: 17 x 22 inches

Price: $10

Groff Family Chart

“Hans Graf, Born in Switzerland A.D. 1661, Settled in America A.D. 1695,” Reprinted from the original chart by G. F. Groff, 1867 and Emerson Stauffer, 1932.

Descendants of Jacob, Peter, Samuel, Marcus (b. 1712; m. Anna Huber), Daniel, John (m. Elizabeth), David, Hannah (m. Peter Good), Fronick (m. Henry Landis), and Mary Groff (m. Yoner). Connections to Burkholder, Groff, Horst, Martin, Myer, Nolt, Reiff, Sheaffer, Stauffer, Wenger and Zimmerman families; allied with Bender, Eberly, Good, Huber, Johns, Oberholtzer, Sensenig and Weaver families.

Size: 19 x 19 inches

Price: $2.00