The Society’s November book auction has an especially rich abundance of old and rare books. (Click on bold book numbers to see larger image.)

There are a number of volumes thought to have belonged to some of the early Mennonites who settled in the Sonnenberg area of Ohio beginning in 1819 (Lots #120-143). These include three Ausbunds, of which, one has brass pieces embossed with “IS” [Isaac Sprunger] and “1821” (#140). Another Ausbund has brass pieces embossed with “CNB” and “1839” (#138). Two other books have embossed brass pieces with “ES” and “1805” (#125), as well as “CM” [Christian Moser] and “1792” (#120). Also present is a 1711 Amsterdam edition of Christliche Glaubens-Bekentnus by Tieleman Tielen van Sittert inscribed “Christoph Müller, 1825” (#132).

Early German books published in Ephrata include: 1770 and 1785 editions of Die Ernsthaffte Christen-Pflicht (#66-67); a 1792 edition of Christliche Bibliothek by George Adam Martin (#105); and an 1819 edition of Mystische Theologie by Ezechiel Sangmeister (#104).

Other early volumes include a 1767 Ausbund published in Germantown by Christoph Saur (#68); a 1771 edition of Schabalie’s Die Wandlende Seel published in Germantown by Christoph Saur (#64); an 1837 Martyrs Mirror published in Lampeter (#58); several 1811 editions of Enchiridion by Dietrich Philip (#60-63); three books published 1799-1806 in Germantown by Michael Billmeyer (#70-72); a 1779 biography of ministers John Churchman and Joseph White published in Philadelphia (#75); an 1807 German cookbook, Augsburgisches Kochbuch by Sophie Juliane Weiler (#143); and a 1673 London edition of Restitution of Decayed Intelligence in Antiquities by Richard Verstegan (#142).

Bibles with family records include an 1819 Lancaster edition with records of Francis Herr and Frances Neff (#47); as well as: Maris H. Groff and Mary Trissler (#26); Andrew M. Frantz and Hettie/Esther Landis (#48); Elisabeth Köhlerin and the Rittel family (#49).

The sale contains several nice atlases including: an original 1899 Lancaster County atlas (#27), as well as the 2006 reprint with hundreds of additional photographs (#28); an 1886 Atlas of the City of Lancaster (#29); an 1875 atlas of Lebanon County (#30); and an 1888 atlas of Lebanon City (#31).

Other local history works include: an 1883 History of Lancaster County by Ellis and Evans (#33); an 1869 An Authentic History of Lancaster County by Mombert (#34); an 1844 History of Lancaster County by Rupp (#35); Boyd’s Lancaster County Business Directory, 1859 (#36); Lant’s Directory of Lancaster City, 1866 (#37); A Biographical History of Lancaster County by Harris, 1872 (#38); History of the Counties of Dauphin and Lebanon by Egle (#40) History of the Counties of Berks and Lebanon by Rupp (#41); a signed copy of H. Frank Eshleman’s Historic Background and Annals of the Swiss and German Pioneer Settlers (#42); and Annals of Philadelphia and Pennsylvania by Watson, 1850 (#44).

Among the many works devoted to Anabaptist history are: a collection of Reformed Mennonite writings (#50-57, 317) including 1815 and 1816 books by John Herr; a copy of The Earth is the Lord’s by John Ruth (#380); several books on Russian Mennonite history including Brothers in Deed to Brothers in Need (#290); a recent reprint of The Fanatick History; or, An Exact Relation and Account of the Old Anabaptists and New Quakers by Richard Blome, originally published in London in 1660 (#235); and a recent reprint of The Rise, Spring and Foundation of the Anabaptists by Guy de Brez, originally published in Cambridge in 1668 (#236).

Family histories include these families: Brubaker (#82); Landis (#78-81, 91-93); Mast (#398); and Nolt (#176). Journals and memoirs of note include those written by Benjamin Groff Herr (#94-95); Allan Adam Herr (#96); and a Frantz family journal begun in 1876 (#90).