Lancaster Mennonite Historical Society began a search process in September, looking for a new executive director following the resignation of current executive director Rolando L. Santiago.  Santiago resigned on July 28 and will continue to serve through December 18, 2017.

The new executive director will be responsible for Lancaster Mennonite Historical Society on Lincoln Highway East in Lancaster, Pa., and the dozens of annual Lancaster Roots events, as well as the Willow Street campus, which includes the 1719 Herr House and the Eastern Woodlands Native American Longhouse, as well as overseeing the operations at Mennonite Information Center, located next door to LMHS on Millstream Road.

On September 13, a search committee met for the first time to begin the search process.

“We’re excited to talk with candidates eager to build on the strengths of the Lancaster Mennonite Historical Society and take its mission to new audiences,” said Steve Nolt, chair of the search committee and LMHS board member.

More information about the executive-director position is available at

Santiago became executive director of LMHS in August 2010.  During his tenure, he led numerous events to celebrate the diversity of histories of local and global Anabaptist faith communities such as Native Americans, Latinos, immigrant groups, Old Order and other Plain communities, and those from Latin America, Africa, Asia, Europe, and North America. Revenue-generating streams expanded by adding a Winter Bookfest, increasing the number of book auctions to six per year, adding several profitable ticketed events, and building consistent business support. Santiago prompted LMHS to organize events and create partnerships that stimulated the careers of a new generation of over fifteen young historians interested in Anabaptist topics.        

“Performing this leadership role has been the most satisfying, energizing, and rewarding experience in my lifetime.  I have thoroughly enjoyed working alongside competent board members, staff, and volunteers.  I am deeply grateful for the opportunity to have served LMHS,” he said.

The LMHS board is grateful for Santiago’s service.

“Throughout his seven years of service as executive director, Rolando has had a passion for the work of LMHS, with a particular commitment to how it can serve the church through preserving the history of congregations and participating in telling the story of God at work within and through the church,” said LMHS board chairman Dan Hess.  “It has been a priority for him to have this story reflect the diversity of the Anabaptist community of faith.  We appreciate Rolando’s work and contributions to LMHS throughout these seven years.”

“This is an interesting time of expansion and new possibilities for LMHS. The search committee will be working to identify the person who will bring the leadership needed for the next chapter for LMHS, and we are excited to see that unfold.”