Online Resources


Restricted online resources now available!

In an attempt to meet the needs of our constituents–especially those who live at a distance from Lancaster–we have begun the process of making certain library and archival resources available electronically through our website. Some of these resources are restricted to members of the Lancaster Mennonite Historical Society and require a password (the login window will appear when you click on the links for the restricted content).

Please see the list of available online resources below. Additional resources and files will be added as they become available. Please keep checking this page for status updates. Thank you!

To become a member of the Lancaster Mennonite Historical Society, call 717-393-9745, or join online. Please note that joining online does not provide instantaneous access to the restricted content. If you recently joined, and have not yet received your welcome letter, please contact us if you would like the current login information.

Member Login

Members-only resources require a login and password. Choose your resource from the listing below. A login window will appear when you click on a link for any restricted content (e.g., one of the genealogical databases or one of the obituary resources).