Pennsylvania German Stories

Pennsylvania German Dialect Short Stories By Noah G. Good
In Pennsylvania Mennonite Heritage, 1978-1998

In January 1979, Noah G. Good’s first Henner story appeared in Pennsylvania Mennonite Heritage.
Eventually the number totaled 64 such fictionalized accounts in
Pennsylvania German dialect of a boy named Henner (Henry). The first 16
short stories (to and including January 1984) appeared only in the
dialect, but all subsequent ones have appeared in both the dialect and
in English translation by the author.

Drawing on his own experiences in the area of Bowmansville, Lancaster
County, Pennsylvania, during the first two decades of the twentieth
century, Noah Gehman Good has invited his readers into the everyday
folk culture of the rural Pennsylvania Germans of his childhood. What
an engaging world it is–especially for his readers, the harried
members of high-technology society in the late twentieth century. One
hears about a world of hard work, humor, animals, crops, moral
verities, poison ivy, wonderment, church life, accidents, and good
simple food. Henner is a keen observer of it all. These stories beg for
an extended interpretation of their literary, linguistic, and cultural

A list of titles in both languages follows:

Jan. 1979 Der Henner Lacht Bisseli Schpot/ Henner Laughs a Little Bit Late

Apr. 1979 Die Alt Gluck Ward Net Weech/ The Old Cluck is not Getting Soft

Oct. 1979 Der Henner un die Harnesel/ Henner and the Hornets

Jan. 1980 Ich Ferschtee Ihn Woll, Awwer–/ I Do Understand Him, but-

Apr. 1980 Der Henner Fangt Paar Fisch/ Henner Catches a Few Fish

Oct. 1980 Wie Fiel Haase Darf ma Schiesse?/ How Many Rabbits Dare One Shoot?

Jan. 1981 Der Henner Geht an die Vendue/ Henner Goes to the Auction

Apr. 1981 Mach Doch Mol Sel Dohr Uff/ Open that Gate, Will You?

July 1981 Saag’s Awwer Nie Net Widder/ But Never Say That Again

Jan. 1982 Ich Hab Ihn Net Treffe Wolle/ I Did Not Mean to Hit Him

July 1982 Ja, un Du Hoscht aa Widder Recht/ Yes, and You Are Right, Too

Oct. 1982 Die Tillie Fohrt mit’m Mailman Weg/ Tillie Goes Riding with the Mailman

Jan. 1983 Der Henner Hott Gut G’schloofe/ Henner Slept Well

Apr. 1983 G’mee in Hossesack/ Church in the Pants Pockets

July 1983 Da Papp Grickt Sich Neie Gleeder/ Dad Gets Himself New Clothes

Jan. 1984 Schtell Dich Do Hie wie’n Mann/ Now Stand There like a Man

Apr. 1984 Die Wutzlen un der Hochmut/ The Shoats [Piglets] and Their Pride

July 1984 Saag Yuscht: Es Iss’n Schwatzer Esel/ Just Say: It Is a Black Mule

Oct. 1984 Es Hett Awwer Schlimmer Sei Kenne/ It Could Have Been Worse

Jan. 1985 Dann Gehne Mir Heem/ In that Event, We Are Going Home

Apr. 1985 Millich fer Unser Eegne Kaelwer/ Milk for Our Own Calves

July 1985 Der Esel Hott Ma Die Hosse G’fresse/ The Mule Ate My Pants

Oct. 1985 Misst Nett Schlitte Fohre/ Mustn’t Go Sledding

Jan. 1986 Ma Muss net zu Lang Gucke/ One Must Not Look Too Long

July 1986 So Schteif Wie’n Alter Esel/ As Stiff as an Old Mule

Oct. 1986 Genung Zwiewwle fer die Ganz Schtadt/ Enough of Onions for the Whole City

Jan. 1987 Der Henner Kauft Sich en Strickjacke/ Henner Buys a Knitted Jacket

Apr. 1987 Der Erscht Ford/ The First Ford

July 1987 Schlag Ihm den Kopp Ab/ Whack His Head Off

Oct. 1987 Der Henner Fangt Elbedritsche/ Henner Catches Some Elbedritches

Jan. 1988 Kenn Bohne in Die Ohre Schtecke/ Don’t Stick Any Beans in Your Ears

July 1988 Mir Iss Es Gut Daheem/ For Me It Is Nice at Home

Oct. 1988 Mommi Kannscht Meh Boi Bringe?/ Mamma, Can You Bring More Pie?

Jan. 1989 Net Schneller Wie Mei Gang/ Not Faster Than My Pace

Apr. 1989 Yuscht Bisseli Rau/ Just a Bit Coarse

July 1989 Ach Du!/ Ach You!

Oct. 1989 Es Grien Buch/ The Green Book

Jan. 1990 Net Iwwer Die Brick/ Couldn’t Cross the Bridge

Apr. 1990 Schreib Dei Naame/ Write Your Name

July 1990 Die Buttermommie/ The Butter Woman

Jan. 1991 Es Hott Desmohl Nett Gezehlt/ This Time It Did Not Count

Apr. 1991 Wann Ich Blaume Esse Will/ When I Want to Eat Plums

July 1991 Ewwi Nett Hie Lange/ Just Don’t Touch There

Oct. 1991 Misferschtaendnis, Mary Odder Myra?/ Misunderstanding, Mary or Myra?

Apr. 1992 Puh, Dey Oyerdieb/ Puh, the Egg Thief

July 1992 Ich Hab Aa Genug/ I Have Enough, Too

Oct. 1992 Nemm Dei Dreck Mit/ Take Your Dirt Along

Jan. 1993 Was Iss Dei Huddel?/ What Is Your Hurry?

Apr. 1993 Nimmie Hungrich, Iuscht G’luschtig/ Not Hungry, Just Hankering

July 1993 Die Hummel Schteche den Monat Net/ The Bumblebees Don’t Sting This Month

Oct. 1993 Nett Gebohre Ausg’schlupt/ Not Born, Hatched

Jan. 1994 Der Weideschtock/ The Willow Cane

July 1994 Der Schunke Kummt Heem/ The Ham Comes Home

Jan. 1995 Die Silwer Barrig Rebelle/ The Silver Hill Rebels

Apr. 1995 Net Widder Ferschloofe/ Not Fall Asleep Again

Oct. 1995 Die Wittfraukinner/ The Widow Lady’s Children

Apr. 1996 Ken Hinnerlichter?/ No Tail Lights

July 1996 Es Wilde uf de Bauerei/ Wildlife on the Farm

Oct. 1996 Die Lois Un’s Eskrem/ Lois and the Ice Cream

Jan. 1997 Ugh, Ich Grieg’s, Awwer Ich Kumm Driwwer/ Ugh, I Get It but I Get Over It

Apr. 1997 Der Krug Iss Kaput/ The Jug Is Done For

Jan. 1998 Die Schlange-Dockter/ The Dragon Flies

July 1998 Die Cora Schwetzt Aaa Deitsch/ Miss Cora Speaks German, Too

Apr. 1999 Ich Hab Ma’n Nett G’sehne/ I Have Not Looked at It Yet

Other Dialect Pieces in Pennsylvania Mennonite Heritage

Apr. 2006 Mit Daadis in die Gmee Geh mit Gaul un Boggi / Going with Grandpaps to Church by Horse and Buggy

Jan. 2008 Mit de Buwe Neigeh / Going in with the Boys

July 2008 Der aerscht un der letscht amisch Paereschuut-Tschumb / The First and Last Amish Parachute Jump

July 2011 Hoi Ziehe uff die Wiss/Raising Hay in the Meadow

Oct. 2011 Brunne un Wasserbumbe in die alde Zeide/Wells and Water Pumps in the Old Days

Jan. 2012 Eis Aernde Yaahre Zerick—un Fische im Winder/Harvesting Ice Years Ago—and fishing in Winter

Apr. 2012 Flachsbau / Growing and Processing Flax

Jan. 2013 Gedichde un Gschichde/Poems and Stories

Apr. 2013 Gedichde un Gschichde/Poems and Stories

July 2013 Gafaehrliche Wadde/Dangerous Words

Oct. 2013 Buweschtreech/Boyish Pranks; Als noch Buweschtreech/Boyish Pranks Still

Jan. 2014 Kee Schnee in Kuba/No Snow in Cuba; Haasegschicht/Rabbit Story

Apr. 2014 Die Hoischeier Breent!/The Hay Barn is on Fire!

July 2014 Weltreisende odder Weltraewweler/World Traveler; Perschpektif/Perspective

Oct. 2014 Schneemillich/Snow Milk; Das is en Kindheetsgschicht/This is a Childhood Story

Jan. 2015 Ferwas so Englisch?/Why So English?; A. Gwiddle un Gwidder/Quinces (Gwiddle) and Lightning (Gwidder); B. Seide un Seider/Silk (Seide) and Cider (Seider)

Apr. 2015 Gudbei!/Good-bye!; Der 23scht Psalm vun Daavid/The 23rd Psalm of David

July 2015 En Bauerei Mache aus Buschland/Making a Farm from Forest Land