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List does not include dialect, “Readers Ancestry,” or recipe pieces.


January (Out-of-print—28 pp.)

Jan Luyken’s Lost Martyrs Mirror Engravings

The Early East Petersburg Area Hershey Family

Bishop John N. Durr and His Times

Vom Pennselfona Deutsches Eck, Hassabaerrick, Pennselfona

April (Out-of-print—28 pp.)

The Terre Hill Oberholtzer Family

Metzler Mennonite Congregation, 1728-1978

Mennonites and War Taxes


Religion and Revolution: Options in 1776

Old West Lampeter Township Cemeteries

The Old Order River Brethren Church


Katie Hess Reminisces

A Song of Praise

Wengerites: Pentecostal Brethren in Christ

Pacifists, Paxton, and Politics: Colonial Pennsylvania, 1763-1768


January (Out-of-print—28 pp.)

Moritz Zug, Amish Mennonite Immigrant

Solomon Zook Sharp: Educator and Optimist

Paradoxes of Mennonite Separatism


April (Out-of-print—28 pp.)

Snyder County Mennonites of Lancaster Conference

Palatine Mennonites in Schleswig-Holstein, 1693-1698


Bloodless Theatre: Images of the Old Order Amish in Tourism

Miscellaneous Amish Mennonite Documents

“Tennessee” John Stoltzfus and the Great Schism in the Amish Church, 1850-1877


The Marsh Creek Settlement of Adams County, 1769-1823

Ein Unpartheyisches Gesangbuch

Changes in Mennonite Youth Attitudes, 1974-1978


January (Out-of-print—36 pp.)

The Old Order Mennonites in Ontario

The 1879 Brethren in Christ Migration from Southeastern Pennsylvania to Dickinson County, Kansas

Benjamin Herr, Traveler

LeFevre Cemetery, North of Strasburg


April (Out-of-print—36 pp.)

The Soil from Which Anabaptism Grew

Bishop Benjamin W. Weaver

The Virginia Mennonite Rhodes Families

The Killhavers from Conestoga Manor


July (Out-of-print—36 pp.)

Bernese Anabaptists in Sainte-Marie-aux-Mines

The Denlinger Family

Powwowing: Folk Medicine or White Magic?

Swiss Täufer in France


Sunday Schools: From Robert Raikes to 1980

Politics and Voting in the Mennonite Church in America, 1860-1940

Bishop Hans Lehman, Immigrant of 1727



January (Out-of-print—36 pp.)

The Place of Fraktur Among the Mennonites: An Introduction to the Fraktur Collection of the Lancaster Mennonite Historical Society

Übrigen Brocken (The Extra Crumbs): A Review

The Efficient Use of Libraries

Brecknock Township, Berks County, Pennsylvania [Patent Map Index]


April (Out-of-print—36 pp.)

Ripe Harvest: A. D. Wenger and the Birth of the Revival Movement in Lancaster Conference

Nicholas Stoltzfus in Europe and America

European Yoder Research

Resources for Amish Studies

Early Amish Yoder Immigrants


July (Out-of-print—36 pp.)

Some Major Doctrinal Emphases in the Anabaptist-Mennonite Tradition

Lizzie Musser: City Mission Worker

Blank/Plank Ancestry of the Amish Mennonite Tradition

Brenneman Genealogy and Heirlooms

Two Hertzler Cemeteries in Caernarvon Township, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania


October (Out-of-print—36 pp.)

Mennonites in 1876: Christian Obedience in the Midst of Material Blessing

Mahlon G. Gross: Life and Labors

Three Bears of Earl Township, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, and Other Early Bears


January (Out-of-print—36 pp.)

The Swiss Anabaptist Emigration to Germany

A Blue Rock Road Plantation

Mennonites in the Carolinas


April (Out-of-print—40 pp.)

Leadership Patterns and Fundamentalism in Franconia Mennonite Conference, 1890-1950

The Brubakers and Their Lands in East Hempfield Township, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania


The Dordrecht Confession of Faith: 350 Years

Hans Lehman, Immigrant of 1737

The Pennsylvania Mennonite Church near Zimmerdale, Kansas

The Kansas Movement: Paul Erb’s Viewpoint



Amanda Musselman, 1869-1940

Coatesville Mennonite Church: 1929-1939

The Terre Hill Weavers




The Küng-Gnägi Connection

The Shope Mennonite Cemetery and Area Families

The Traditional Farmhouse of the Franconia Mennonite Community



What Place Confessions?

The Development of the Amish School System

Descendants of Immigrant Jacob Hostetter



Locust Grove Mennonite School: A Descriptive Study

Mennonites and Related Groups of Clarence, Erie County, New York, in the Nineteenth Century

The Puzzle of Henry Weaver, Lost Scion of Weaverland


October (Mennonite Tricentennial Issue) (Out-of-print—44 pp.)

European Mennonite Motivation for Emigration, 1650-1750

Jacob Funk (1730-1816): Germantown Preacher

Germantown Mennonite Cemetery

Germantown Links to Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, Families


January (Out-of-print—48 pp.)

Metal Initial and Date Plates on Amish and Mennonite Books

The Prosperity of Zion in This Place: Mennonites in Germantown, 1790-1876

European Roots of the Bear Families of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania: An Update



Conflicting Loyalties of the Christian Citizen: Lancaster Mennonites and the Early Civil War Era

Michael Schenck and His Descendants in Centre County

The Amish of Half-Moon Valley, Centre County, Pennsylvania



An Important Pennsylvania Broadside of 1812

Duties of the Mennonite Citizen: Controversy in the Lancaster Press Late in the Civil War

The John Schantz Family of Upper and Lower Milford Townships, Lehigh County, Pennsylvania



An Amiable Mennonite Schism: The Origin of the Eastern Pennsylvania Mennonite Church

The Life of John Melchior Plank, 1767 Immigrant

Henry Landis of Warwick and Manheim Townships, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania



January (Out-of-print—44 pp.)

The Preaching Deacon Controversy among the Nineteenth-Century American Amish

The Descendants of Peter Grebiel/Graybill (1734-1804) of Manheim Township, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania


The German Psalter: A Popular Pennsylvania Book

The Singing Servants Chorus: An Expression of Mennonite Identity

Naffziger Families of the Palatinate and Pennsylvania



Plotting the Story of the Abbeyville Mennonite Meetinghouse and Cemetery

The Christian Gerber Family of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania

Christian Tschanz, Mennonite Immigrant to the Manor of Conestoga


October (Out-of-print—52 pp.)

The Mennonite Children’s Home, 1909-1972

First Greiter/Kreider Immigrants of Lancaster and Lebanon Counties, Pennsylvania

One Hundred Years of Amish Genealogies, 1885-1985

The Family of Henry and Barbara Neff of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania




The Ephrata Martyrs’ Mirror: Shot from Patriots’ Muskets

American Continuance of European Origins in Mennonite, Hutterite, and Amish Music Functions

Hans Jacob Brubacher, Fraktur Artist

The Showalters of Earl and Cocalico Townships, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania

Descendants of Bartholomew Zook


April (Out-of-print—52 pp.)

Early Mennonite Migrations from Pennsylvania and Subsequent Settlements in Canada

Canadian Amish Mennonites Roots in Pennsylvania

The Years of Benjamin Eby, Pioneer Mennonite Leader in Ontario, Canada

The Eby Cemetery along the Hammer Creek in Elizabeth Township, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania


Menno Simons: The Road to a Believers’ Church

Descendants of John Neff of Bald Eagle Creek, Howard Township, Centre County, Pennsylvania

Origins of the Stauffer (Pike) Mennonite Church

The Kusters and Doors of Kaldenkirchen, Germany, and Germantown, Pennsylvania

October (Out-of-print—52 pp.)

Mennonites in Rheinhesse and Migrations to America and Galicia

The Marcus Oberholtzer (1664-1725) Family

A Bear Saga: Albis to America


January (Out-of-print—52 pp.)

At the Crossroads of Modernity: Amish, Mennonites, and Brethren in Lancaster County in 1880

A Bear Saga: Lancaster County and Beyond

Elizabeth Township Kinsmen and Some of Their Descendants from the Time of Settlement


April (Out-of-print—48 pp.)

Amish, Mennonites, and Brethren in the Modern Era

A Dauphin County Mennonite Congregation: Strickler and Mumma/Shope

Risser Families in the Palatinate and in America

July (Out-of-print—44 pp.)

History of the Forest Hills Mennonite Church, Leola, Pennsylvania, 1946-1986

Christian and Ells Martin: Immigrant Patriarch and Matriarch

Who Was the Father of Christian Stutzman?



Faith and Furrow: An Exhibit of Mennonite Rural Life at the Hans Herr House Museum

The Ancestry and Some Descendants of Henry E. Myers (1813-1901)

John Zook of Wayne and Crawford Counties, Ohio


January (Out-of-print—52 pp.)

The First Deaf Mennonite Church, 1945-1980

These People That I Am

An Essay on the Stoner/Steiner Families of Pennsylvania



Friendship Gatherings of Lancaster Mennonite Women, 1890-1950

Mennonite Central Committee and the Fate of Mennonites in East Prussia, West Prussia, and Poland at the End of World War II

A Bear Saga: The Birmensdorf Connection


They Called Him Father Gehman

Pennsylvania German among the Plain Groups: Convergence as a Strategy of Language Maintenance

Descendants of Martin Eshleman and Elizabeth Groff



Henry Lapp: Amish Folk Artist and Craftsman

The Rohrer Family Cemetery

Descendants of John and Catherine Witmer of Manor Township, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania


January (Out-of-print—40 pp.)

Eusebius Hershey, the Traveling Preacher

The Mayer Family: Three Generations of a Farming Family in Manheim Township

Descendants of Christian Musselman (d. 1734) of Lancaster Township, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania



The Place of Confessions in the Mennonite Church (MC)

The Eberly and Eckerlin Controversy

The Family of Jacob Oberholtzer (1704-1755) of Brecknock Township, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania



Toward Responsible Growth and Stewardship of Lancaster County’s Landscape

Six Good Families of Early Lancaster County, Pennsylvania



The Herr Plantation: Its Buildings, Land, and Inhabitants

Hymns of Johannes Bomberger (1750-1818)

Doctrinal Influences in the Pennsylvania Conference of the Mennonite Brethren in Christ




Community and Material Culture among Lancaster Mennonites: Hans Hess from 1717 to 1733

Descendants of Ulrich and Barbara Eberly of Martic Township, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania



Amish Congregations in Germany and Adjacent Territories in the Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries

Swiss Origins of Groff, Hess, Weber, Landis, and Oberholtzer Families



Church Practices of Lancaster Mennonites: Writings by Christian Nissley (1777-1831)

Social Change among the Amish in Eight Communities

Joseph Scherch, Immigrant of 1727, and His Descendants



The Growth and Decline of Mennonites near Scottdale, Pennsylvania, 1790-1890

The First Century of German Bibles Printed in North America, 1743-1842

Swiss Roots of Neff, Weber, and Huber Families



Is the Anabaptist Vision Still Relevant?

Religious Organizational Conflict in Global Context: Mennonites in Eastern Pennsylvania, 1870-1985

Descendants of Isaac and Barbara Bear of Manheim Township, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania

Joseph Showalter of Drumore Township, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania


Amish Folk Artist: Barbara Ebersol (1846-1922)

The Significance of Menno Simons for Contemporary Mennonites

Descendants of Benjamin Witmer of Lampeter Township, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania: Part I



The Peter Martin House Restoration: A Photographic Essay

Farming among Old Order Mennonites of Ontario in the Early Twentieth Century

Descendants of Benjamin Witmer of Lampeter Township, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania: Part 2



The Mennonite Agricultural Model in the German Palatinate

Self-Help Philosophy and Organizational Growth: The Origins and Development of SELFHELP Crafts, 1946-1970

The Search for Jacob Martin of Maryland

Returning to the Eby Homestead




Martin Kendig’s Swiss Relatives

“Small Causes, Great Effects”: The Richfield Mennonite Church Division of 1883-1884


A Stranger and an Exile: Abraham J. Fretz (1849-1912), Genealogist and Minister

The Early Settlement of Waterloo Township, Ontario, Canada

Amish Agriculture and Popular Opinion in the Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Centuries


The Account Book of Jacob Knorr for the Germantown Mennonite Church, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: 1770 to 1838

The Martyr Book of 1831/1833

Descendants of Henry Kindig (1708-1756) and Maria Wolfe of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania


Church Discipline in the Lancaster Mennonite Conference: The Printed Rules and Discipline, 1881-1968

Mennonites and the Worship Center: Community Change and a Charismatic Context in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania

Descendants of Conrad Hildebrand of Earl Township, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, 1968 to 1990



Turmoil in Conestoga

A Stone Named Ebenezer: Two Sermons on Historical Themes


Piercing the Curtain: Genealogy Enriching History

The Rohrer Family Farm in Upper Leacock Township

Näf/Neff (NF) Family: An Update



A Chronicle in Stone and Wood: The Magdalena House and the River Brethren

A Letter from Immigrant Ulrich Engel to Switzerland in 1755

Swiss Bruppachers in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania


An Introduction to the Centennial of Old Order Mennonite Origins in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, 1893-1993

The Old Order Mennonite Division of 1893: An Interpretation

Mishler Families of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania

Sixty Years of Mennonite Stauffer Immigrants, 1710-1770



1719 Herr House Tours: Great Traditions Through Cultural Performance

John Groh and the Earliest Emigration of River Brethren from Pennsylvania to the District of Niagara in Canada in 1788

Four Generations of the Descendants of Michael Schenk and Anna Stauffer


Reviews of Hymnal: A Worship Book

An Index of Hymn Texts in Hymnal: A Worship Book and their Prior Usage in all Major English-Language Hymnals of the Church of the Brethren, (Old) Mennonite Church, and General Conference Mennonite Church in North America

Tradition and Diversity in Ein Unpartheyisches Gesangbuch

Interview with Glenn M. Lehman, Composer of “Menno Heirs”

The Ressler Hymnal Collection


Tours at the 1770 Germantown Mennonite Meetinghouse: Authentic Experience Through Cultural Performance

An 1837 Letter from the Nine Dienner Orphans in France

Descendants of John George Nicholas Buch (1711-1785) and Maria Elizabeth Linn (1713-1785)



Understanding the General Conference Mennonite Church and its Eastern District, 1875 to 1925

Anabaptist Families from Canton Zurich to Lancaster County, 1633 to 1729: A Tour

Descendants of Johann Daniel Espenschied and Elizabeth Lefever of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania



Catherine (Miller) Verly’s Lament

Landis Families of Canton Zurich, Switzerland

The Anabaptist Vision and Congregational Life


The Exodus of Anabaptists from Canton Zurich to Alsace: A Case Study of the Landis Family

Origins of the Diamond Street Mennonite Church in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: 1942 to 1967

Earthly Treasures: Heavenly Peace with the Pieces

Recent Laws Concerning Pennsylvania Cemeteries


The Life and Writings of Jan Philipsz Schabaelje: A Seventeenth-Century Dutch Mennonite

Two Letters from 1637 by Hans Landis, Swiss Anabaptist Prisoner

The Southern Coffmans: Descendants of David Harmon Coffman (1750-1835) and Mary Ann Lovell


Responses of Sixteenth-Century Anabaptists to Persecution

The Grain-mill at Neckarburken: Branching of the Landis Families in the Neckar Valley in Baden

The Children of Wendel and Ann Bowman Reconsidered




Through the Eyes of Benjamin Hershey and Benjamin Eby: Insights into Lancaster Mennonite History and Theology

Responses of North American Mennonites to the Tent Revivals, 1951 to 1962

The Message of Three Worlds (Transcription of a Sermon by George R. Brunk II)

Rachel on the Threshing Floor


A Spirit of Exclusivity: The Progress of Religious Conflict in Colonial Pennsylvania

Elder Peter Bowman of Virginia: Defender of the Dunker Beliefs

A Plea by a Change-Minded Pennsylvania Amish Leader to the Traditionalists



Trans-Atlantic Advice: An 1822 Letter by Louis C. Jüngerich (1803-1882)

Hunting the Whale’s Belly: A Visit to Ghent, Belgium

Peter Brubaker and Related Families of Lancaster and Franklin Counties in Pennsylvania


A Museum Exhibit in the Making: Concepts and Objects along the Way

The Agricultural Life of Abraham D. Ebersole (1822-1892) and Anna Rutt (1827-1904) in Pennsylvania and Illinois

The Hildebrand Farm in Earl Township



January (Out-of-print—48 pp.)

Anabaptist Burial Places in Alsace, France

“Where Freedom Flourishes”: More Observations on the United States by Louis C. Jüngerich (1803-1882)

The Philopena Album of Harriet Musser Grider (1837-1923) of West Hempfield Township, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania


Clothing the Pennsylvania Mennonite Woman in the Eighteenth Century

Marriage Practices among the “Nebraska” Amish of Mifflin County, Pennsylvania

A Measure of the Impact of Holy Spirit Renewal among Lancaster Conference Mennonites in 1990


The View of Louis C. Jüngerich (1803-1882) in 1826: It Is Best to Come to This Country Well Prepared

From the Ausbund to the Internet: The Odyssey of the Amish Mennonite Family



“To Continue in That Foundation of the Gospel Faith”: A Theological Interpretation of Mennonite Bishop Christian Funk and the American Revolution

From the Journal of Henry Melchior Muhlenberg: Two 1783 Letters Concerning Mennonites and Lutherans in Pennsylvania

Great-Grandpa Peter Nissley’s Mysterious Death: Accident or Murder?

Readers’ Ancestry: Nora Mae (Shaub) Kilheffer



Twenty Years of Pennsylvania Mennonite Heritage, 1978-1997

Annotated List of Principal Articles

Index of Principal Surnames

Index of “Readers’ Ancestry”

Index of Principal Mennonite Congregations

Titles of Pennsylvania German Stories

Jacob Stoner and the Seven Siblings



1712: Investigation of an Important Date

Quotable Excerpts from Six Letters by Louis C. Jüngerich (1803-1882) Written from Lancaster between 1831 and 1837

Meyer Families Update


The Clothing of the “White Top” Amish of Central Pennsylvania

Bear Saga Update: Part One


Finding a Context for Mennonite History: Pennsylvania German Ethnicity and (Old) Mennonite Experience

Bear Saga Update: Part Two

Genealogical Connections among Bowman, Brenneman, Brubaker, and Smith Families



Research Note: A Treasury of Nineteenth-Century Documents Concerning Amish from Lancaster County and Europe

Louis C. Jüngerich (1803-1882) as Genealogical Helper

Bear Saga Update: Part Three


“His Wife Then Took Charge”: Lydia (Stauffer) Sauder Mellinger

Descendants of the Three Mennonite Reiff Brothers: Immigrants from Europe to Pennsylvania

The Amish Singing Style: Theories of Its Origin and Description of Its Singularity



A New Look at the Origins of Mennonite Martin Families: Assessing the Oral Traditions

A Planter of Trees: Phebe Ethel Yoder

Gerber, Garber, and Garver Progenitors in Pennsylvania: Part One


The Life and Times of Nineteenth-Century Plain Women

Four Kendig Brothers Move to Augusta County, Virginia

Gerber, Garber, and Garver Progenitors in Pennsylvania: Part Two



A Living Tradition: Perspectives on North American Amish Fraktur

Who was Johannes Gäbel (1770-1856) of Earl Township?

A Death Record Book from Lancaster County, Pennsylvania (1858-1918): Part One, A Through J


A Brief History of Peace Doctrine and Practice of the (Old) Mennonite Church in the Twentieth Century

A Death Record Book from Lancaster County, Pennsylvania (1858-1918): Part Two, K Through Z

The Compleat Americanization of Louis C. Jüngerich (1803-1882)


The Furniture of Soap Hollow

Pennsylvania German Bookbinding and Anabaptist Bookbinders, 1700-1840

Four Men Named Christian Umble: an Orphan, a Sinner, a Bishop, and a Seeker


The 1878 and 1881 Rules and Discipline of the Lancaster Mennonite Conference: A Translation of Two Disciplines

Mid-Eighteenth-Century Life of Rural Pennsylvania Germans

Hütwohl/Heatwole Families of North America



A Selection of Remedies from the Reist Notebook

The Medical Remedy Notebook of John Reist in its Historical Context

Dispute and Reconciliation Over Land Among the Lancaster Amish: Miller and Stoltzfus Families

The Two Wives of George Anthony Mumma

April (contains color Lehnware insert)

Swiss Anabaptist Refugees from Canton Bern in the German Palatinate in 1671

Joseph Lehn and Lehnware: Nineteenth Century Woodworker in Elizabeth Township, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania

Ancestors and Descendants of “Hill” John Landis (1779-1858) of Manheim Township, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania


Evangelicalism, Fundamentalism, and Religious Dissent in the Lancaster and Franconia Mennonite Conferences, Part I: The Roots of Congregational Mennonite Church, 1930-1955

The Ministerial Ordination by Lot of J. Frank Zeager on July 28, 1954

Descendants of Immigrant Peter Swarr (1690-1748) and their Eighteenth-Century Relations with the Brubaker, Shirk, and Neff Families


Evangelicalism, Fundamentalism, and Religious Dissent in the Lancaster and Franconia Mennonite Conferences, Part II: The Separation and Organization of Calvary Mennonite Church, 1930-1955

Christian Miller to the Rescue

The Sterb-Liedern, Hymnbook of 1831: A Publication of Franklin County Mennonites



Descendants of John Kendig and Anna Witmer of Conestoga Township, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania

What Makes a Rare Book Rare

Some Eighteenth-Century Lehn/Lane Families in Pennsylvania and Maryland


An Interview with the Author and Reviews of The Earth is the Lord’s: A Narrative History of the Lancaster Mennonite Conference

The Froschauer Bibles and Their Significance for the Anabaptist Movement

The German Roots of Nicholas Stoltzfus

A Guide to Civil Estate and Death Records in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania

Heritage Focus: [An Account of Lancaster Mennonites]


Researching and Writing Tobias of the Amish

Descendants of Frederick Krug and Elizabeth Herr of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania

Zug Ancestry in the German Palatinate

Heritage Focus: A Vorschrift by Jacob Botz


Martyrs’ Mirror

Picture Albums and Abridgements: A Surprising Find

Roast Bear? No, Thank You!—An 1821 Letter from Kurhessen, Germany, to Daniel and Christian Schwartzentruber in Somerset County, Pennsylvania

Two Ober/Over Families on the Pennsylvania Frontier

Heritage Focus: A Sampler by Lydia Freed



The Millwood Community and Its Mennonite Congregation

The Life and Legacy of Peter Eby of Warwick Township

Image Icons of Pennsylvania Mennonite and Amish History


Descendants of Adam Kendig and Alice Kendig of Conestoga Township, Lancaster County

War, Government, and Mennonites: A Broadside of the Civil War Period

Descendants of Theophilus Hartman Jr. and Hannah Hauser of Lancaster County


The Lötschers of Latterbach

The Witwer Family of Earl Township: Part 1, Hans Witwer

Descendants of Jacob Witmer of Lampeter Township


Ethnicity and the Faithful Church

The Demmy Family of Stackstown, Pennsylvania, and Some Descendants, 1809-2003



Form Versus Spirit: Sebastian Franck and the Anabaptists O Gott Vater, Wir Loben Dich: Amish Childhood Singing Forges Commitment to God and Community

Earnestine Mary Agnew’s Sewing Book


Special Remedies for Home and Farm

Ephrata Mennonite School and Church Transitions in Northern Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, 1946-2004


Christian Jutzi (1769-aft. May 1845) in Somerset County, Pennsylvania

The Witwer Family of Earl Township: Part Two, Michael Witwer


The Anabaptist Amman/Ammen Families in the Alpine Foothills of Bern: Their Roots and Migration in the Period 1580-1713

The Unpartheyisches Gesang-Buch: Two Hundred Years of a Mennonite Hymnal

A Tribute to the Yoder Bix Six



The Trail of the Anabaptist Emigration from the Alpine Foothills of Bern

Agriculture and Religion: The Success of Anabaptists in the Alsace in the Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries

“The Anabaptist Amman/Ammen Families”: A Response


Outsiders among Mennonites

The Bachmann/Baughman DNA Project: Interim Report

Joseph F. Beiler: Old Order Amish Farmer, Minister, and Publisher


Mennonite Life at Landis Valley: Recollections of a Minister’s Daughter

Flowers of the Field: The Story of the Kreider-Snavely Burying Ground

The Mennonite Ancestry of Milton Snavely Hershey


Mennonites in the Allegheny Valley

The 1854 Holzhauer Chest

Mennonites, Nonconformity, and Economics, 1930-59



A Search for Jan Luyken

The Witwer Family of Earl Township, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania: Part Three, Joseph Witwer

April (color insert)

Recollections of Mennonite Life in Strasburg Township, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, 1808-1829: Part One

List of Aves Found on Tract Where I Live

John Long and John Boyer: Nineteenth-Century Craftsmen in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania



Recollections of Life in Strasburg Township, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, 1808-1829: Part Two

List of Forest Trees Growing on the Tract of Land Where I Live

John and Christina (Kintner) Burkholder and Their Descendants


Recollections of Life in Strasburg Township, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, 1808-1829: Part Three

List of Mammalia on Tract Where I Live

Jacob, Samuel, and Jonathan Yoder: From Old Order Amish to Amish Mennonite



Recollections of Life in Strasburg Township, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, 1808-1829: Part Four

Letter to Bishop John Herr in 1819

Lists of Pisces on Tract Where I Live

Regina Sherk, 1777-1855: A Strong Woman


Recollections of Life in Strasburg Township, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, 1808-1829: Part Five

Lists of Amphibia on Tract Where I Live

Readers’ Ancestry: Justin Kirk Houser

Two Amish Marriages and a Passionate Plea by Michael Schwartz


The Significance of the Oldest German Bibles at Heritage Historical Library

The Witwer Family of Earl Township: Part 4, Michael Witwer’s Family


Census of German Bibles and Bible Portions Printed by Christoph Froschauer and Known to Have Come to North America

Four Generations of the Family of Pequea Pioneer Jacob Miller (1663-1739)



Glimpses of Lefever Family Life: Diaries of Harry S. Lefever, 1912-27

Mennonite Defection and Fundamentalism



Memories of Childhood, Growing Up, and Early Marriage

The 1744 Strassburg Reprint of the 1536 Zurich Bible


Rosanna of the Amish: Fact or Fiction?

Early Witmer Families of Antrim Township, Franklin County, Pennsylvania

Der aerscht un der letscht amisch Paereschuut-Tschumb / The First and Last Amish Parachute Jump


Kocherthal: A Tricentennial Commemoration of the Palatine Migration of 1708/1709

The Ecclesiastical Situation in the Kraichgau: Two 1699 Letters from Pastor Josua Harrsch to Superintendent Johann Philipp Schlosser

Who Was Kocherthal and What Happened to His Party of 1708?

Extensive and Detailed Report of the Famous Land Carolina, Situated in the English America [1708/1709], by Kocherthal [Josua Harrsch]

A Harrsch/Kocherthal Bibliography



The Emergence and Travail of the Swiss Brethren and Sisters, Called Anabaptists: An Introduction

A Third Way: The Role of Daniel Kauffman in Mennonite Fundamentalism

John Philip Lind (1807-1889), Immigrant to America


A Rhetorical Analysis of the Personal Letter of Henry L. Heisey at Age Nineteen

The Mennonite Powells of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania


Early Neff and Other Anabaptist Families in Dühren, Germany

Following the Trail of George Barge


Bernese Anabaptists in the Sixteenth to Eighteenth Centuries and Their Migrations in the Old and New World

Michael Shenk of Warwick Township, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania: His Descendants and Some of Their Lands



What’s Wrong with This Picture?

Het Offer des Herren (The Sacrifice of the Lord)

The Amish Reception of the Martyrs’ Mirror: A History of Encounters with the Book



Samuel Güldin: A Brief Biography

Journey from Altona to London, Letter Dated April 1710

Anton Wilhelm Böhme, London, to Johann Wilhelm Petersen near Magdeburg, May 3, 1710

Mennonite Letter of Thanks from London to Amsterdam Benefactors, June 27, 1710

Pequea’s Bundeli, Delaware’s Bundelin

Hard Life in Pennsylvania, Letter Dated 1711/1712

Güldin Bibliography: A Work in Progress


Unveiling the Deep Ancestry of Swiss Anabaptist Forebears

The Early Hauser Families of Pennsylvania


Tracing the Weave, Discerning the Patterns: Remembering Three Hundred Years of Lancaster Mennonite History

Hans Rudolf Bundeli and the Mennonite Migration of 1710



Visit to the Mennonites in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania: Quaker Ministry in Lancaster Conference in 1887

The Neufeld Family and the Effects of World War II

Pioneer John Bowman, Strasburg Township, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania


Michel’s Mysterious Mines

The Family of Frantz Ludwig Michel

Michel’s Journey to Virginia: More Meandering Than on a Mission

Michel’s 1703 and 1704 Reports to Johann Rudolph Ochs in Bern

Ritter’s “Pennsylvania aor Virginia” Proposals

Ritter’s 1707 Pennsylvania Proposal to Graffenried

Michel beyond Potomac

Exporting Mennonites and Other Undersirables

Meanwhile in Bern

What Has Become of Michel!

Michel’s Misled German Miners

Frantz Ludwig Michel Bibliography



New Amsterdam and New York Mennonites and Other Anabaptists

Bishop Christian Burkholder and His Swiss Family

Hoi Ziehe uff die Wiss/Raising Hay in the Meadow

Hint: Look Everywhere!


The Purpose of Memory

A Mennonite Legend of 1717

Two Rare Broadsides Found among Landis Family Papers

History of the Henry Brenneman Farm in Strasburg Township, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, 1792 to 1903

Brunne un Wasserbumbe in die alde Zeide/Wells and Water Pumps in the Old Days




Henry P. and Susanna (Nickel) Wieler

Mennonite Education in Siberia: Heinrich P. Wieler in a Classroom, 1916-1918

The Sauder Family Mystery—Solved?



Schürch Y-DNA Study

Christian Hess, Mennonite Gunsmith


Metal Initial and Date Plates on Amish and Mennonite Books Known to Exist in North America

Readers’ Ancestry: Ruth E (Sollenberger) Showalter

Mennonite Heritage Rediscovered: The Bauer Family of Lancaster County



Before the Paper Trail: Using DNA to Construct the Martin/Yoder/Zimmerman Family Cluster

Old Stories, Old Books: Why Preserving and Reading the Past Matters for Church Life Today


The Descendants of Ulrich (1737–1804) and Anna Burkholder of Brecknock Township, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania

Where Was Hans Landis Executed?

Canned Food: From Whence It Came


Anabaptist Prisoners Deported from Bern in 1710: Connections to Ritter, Michel, Ochs, von Graffenried, North Carolina, and the Pequea Creek

The Nissley Cemetery in the City of Lancaster, Pennsylvania


A Kornhaus (Konhaus) Family History

Standards of Nonconformity: Challenging Dress Regulation as a Means of Engagement―Women’s Dress at Eastern Mennonite College, 1962-1972



Sharpening the Focus on the Family of Jacob Garber (1787-1855): Addenda to the Picture

“The Menonists, the Tunkers, the Quakers,” and the Presidential Election of 1800

Bern’s Mennonite Persecution of 1710 in English Newspapers


What is “Young Historians”?

In Search of a Useable Past: Doing History in the Anabaptist Tradition

Revivalism and the Transformation of Amish Mennonite Identity

“We Want to Tell with Singing:” The Music of the Martyrs

The Fox, the King, and the Fourfold Gospel: Irenaeus of Lyons on Scripture, Heresy, and the Work of Christ


Two Henry Goods, Entangled in Brecknock Township

Gathering Storm Clouds over Lancaster and York

Can the Quiet in the Land Keep Their Peace?


Picturing World War II on the “Garden Spot” Home Front: Images and Memories of Mennonite Farm Families in Lancaster County

“An Improbable Journey”— The Diary of Abraham Weaver’s

Trip to Canada in 1842



An Introduction to the Hispanic Mennonites of Lancaster: Origins and Early Years

“Lift Up Thy Voice like a Trumpet”: Anne Knight and the Fight for the Enfranchisement of Humanity


“Union with such as we might perhaps otherwise never know”: John F. Funk and the Herald of Truth, 1854-1864

General Conference Mennonite Churches in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, 1852-2006


Nissley/Nissly Documentation in Europe

Part 1: Steinsfurt, Germany, before 1717

DNA Update on Nissley and Kneissly Families in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania

Jacob Good of Dauphin County, Pennsylvania

Tracing the Trajectory of the Brethren in Christ Peace Position in the United States


Nissley/Nissly Documentation in Europe Part 2: Switzerland

The Susquehannocks’ First Contact with an Expanding Europe

The Jonas Witwer Bucher Manuscript



Connadago, New Albion, and the Great Minqua Path

In Remembrance of an Unexpected Brother


The Way to Conestoga

The Children of Christian Good

How in the World Have We Changed?


The Rancks of Paradise Township, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania

SALT is the New Pax: The Evolution of Young-Adult Service Programs


Ausbund 1564: The History and Conservation of an Anabaptist Icon

Prophet and President: Myron S. Augsburger and the Mennonite History of Evangelical Higher Education

Lessons from the Soil: A Brief History of Farmland in Elkhart County, Indiana



Men of War, Men of Peace: Brethren Ideologies and the Civil War

Descendants of Peter and Margaret (Huber) Burkholder

The Remarkable Leaman Family of Leaman Place


Ivan Magal: A Voice of a Friend to a Broken Community

Amish, Brethren, and Mennonites and the Underground Railroad in the Lancaster County Area


Negley-Grebill/Grabill Lands in West Earl Township, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania

Abraham S. Martin’s Notes on Jacob W. Stauffer’s A Chronicle or History Booklet about the So-Called Mennonite Church, published in German in 1855

“I Was the Kind of Woman Whom the Culture Expected”: Mennonite Missionary Women in Ethiopia


Hersche-Hershey: The Legend of the American Chocolate King of Canton Appenzell Innerrhoden

Who Owned Willow Bank Mill from 1850 to 1875?

One of God’s Avenues of Progress: Exploring the Outcomes of the Brethren in Christ Evangelical Visitor



The Henry Good Family of Cocalico Township, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania

Beyond the Martyrs Mirror: The Prints of Jan Luyken


Hit by the Lot: Stories of Conviction and Doubt in the Mennonite Church


A Moravian Ancestry for a Pennsylvania Mennonite, Through Elizabeth Whitesell (1812-1901) Married to John Phillip Lind (1807-1889)

“Doesn’t it Taste Better Down on the Farm:” Home-based Amish Food Tourism in Lancaster, Pennsylvania

Lehster Lahr and the Lost Ausbund: A Reader’s Ancestry