LMHS Publications

The Mennonite Sources and Documents Series
makes available significant primary sources pertaining to Mennonite and Amish groups in southeastern Pennsylvania.

The Mirror
is a bimonthly newsletter that presents upcoming Society classes, field trips and cultural events, library and archives acquisitions, and community historical activities.

Pennsylvania Mennonite Heritage
is a quarterly magazine, published since 1978, that focuses on the historical background, religious thought and expression, culture and family history of Mennonite and Amish-related groups originating in Pennsylvania. It includes genealogical tips, genealogies submitted by readers, Pennsylvania German dialect stories, recipies and book reviews.

Mennonite Research Journal
was the predecessor of Pennsylvania Mennonite Heritage; a twelve-page quarterly periodical issued from April 1960 through October 1977. Limited back issues are made available as a tribute to the colorful editorial style, personality, and beliefs of its editor, Ira D. Landis (1899-1977)”a Mennonite farmer, minister, and historian.