Heritage Tours

European Herr Heritage Tour

September 7 – 20, 2021

Led by Lois Ann & Lemar Mast and Jean Kilheffer Hess

To celebrate the 300 years since the Herr family left Switzerland and Germany to come to America, experience this tour visiting cultural and historic sites, with an emphasis on Herr and related families.

Registration deadline — January 1, 2021

A view of Murren, Switzerland.

Explore your Mennonite and Anabaptist roots on a heritage tour in Western Europe, Poland, Russia/Ukraine, South America or Central Asia with our sponsor TourMagination

A memorial marker in Schleitheim, Switzerland.

A cellar in Steinsfurt, Germany where Anabaptists worshipped in secret in the 1600s.

Menno Simons Monument. Witmarsum, Netherlands.