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The library holds a large collection of obituary clippings and death records from local newspapers and other sources. Obituary clippings come chiefly from the Lancaster Intelligencer Journal and are complete from 1970 to the present. Earlier records are much less complete but extend into the late 1700s. An index to these various records by surname is available by clicking on the files to the right, which provide the name of the deceased; year, month, and day of death; age; and source. Some entries include date of newspaper.

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Following is a guide to the sources referenced in the indexes. Members may click on the headings to view scanned resources.

ADF DEATH RECORD: Record kept by Alvan D. Forry of the deaths of relatives, friends, and acquaintances primarily in western York County, Pa., ca. 1911-1936.

AKS OBIT BK: Scrapbooks of obituaries clipped by genealogist Amos K. Stauffer, from 1884-1961. The scrapbooks contain obituaries of personal interest and are not comprehensive for a given time period or geographic area.

EM BOOK: Scrapbooks of obituaries clipped by Etta H. Musser (1917-2008), from ca. 1931-2008. The scrapbooks contain obituaries of personal interest (particularly Mennonites from northeastern Lancaster County) and are not comprehensive for a given time period or geographic area.

HANNES EBY BUR REC: Record of burials (not obituaries) kept by John (Hannes) Eby from 1793-1845, chiefly of his friends, associates, and relatives in northern Lancaster County.

HNE DEATH RECORD: Record of deaths (not obituaries) compiled chiefly by Henry N. Eby from 1858-1909. A handful of deaths were recorded by Henry’s son, Amos F. Eby from 1909-1918. The book primarily records the deaths of Eby’s friends and relations in the area of Mount Joy, Rapho, and Penn Townships (Lancaster County, Pa.). Eby often also recorded cause of death, residence, and occupation of the deceased.

IDL DIARY: Diaries of Ira D. Landis, the first director of the Lancaster Mennonite Historical Society. An avid historian and genealogist, Ira clipped obituaries of personal interest from the local papers and pasted them in his diaries. The clippings are not comprehensive for a given time period or geographic area.

INTELLIGENCER JOURNAL: Obituaries from the Lancaster newspaper saved as pdf files in 2013. See LANC NEWSPAPERS below.

JB LEDGER (TRANS): Transcription and translation of the ledger kept by coffin-maker Johannes Bachman of Strasburg, Pa., in which he recorded the names of persons for whom he built coffins from 1771-1810. This is a record of deaths rather than a collection of obituaries.

JNB BOOK: Records of funeral sermons preached by Mennonite Bishop Jacob N. Brubacher from his church record books, 1880-1913. This is not a collection of obituaries.

LANC NEWSPAPERS: Obituaries from the Lancaster newspapers saved as hard copy (on original newsprint) from March 2005 through May 2008, or as pdf files from June 2008 through 2017. Note: The indexing project is ongoing so the more recent obituaries may be incomplete. We apologize for any obituaries that may be missing or not indexed.

MISC SCRAPBOOK: Scrapbooks of unknown origin owned by the Lancaster Mennonite Historical Society (including many Mennonites from Lancaster County). The books are not comprehensive for a given time period or geographic area.

MWG RECORD: Published record kept by Michael W. Groff of the deaths of relatives, friends, and acquaintances primarily in the area of West Earl Township, Lancaster County, Pa., 1816-1884.

SCRAPBOOK: Obituaries clipped from the Lancaster newspapers and pasted in scrapbooks from the late 1960s through February 2005.

WASH HSE REG: List of deaths (not obituaries) copied from the “Washington House Registers,” Strasburg, Pa., from Feb. 1875-Aug. 1880.

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Outside Resources

The Lititz Public Library has on their web site an index of obituaries from the Lititz Record Express that is very useful:

The Pennsylvania Department of Health has death indices from 1906-1961 in pdf format on their web site.

Click here for a guide to online Pennsylvania obituaries and death indexes.