Cemetery Records

Let These Stones Speak

The Lancaster Mennonite Historical Society is teaming with the cemetery project “Let These Stones Speak” (LTSS) to provide a master index to all of the cemetery listings currently published as part of that project. LTSS is undertaking to photograph every tombstone in Lancaster County, Pa., and publish them, along with stone transcriptions, on CD-ROM. For more information about the LTSS project, visit http://www.genealogygoldmine.com/LTSS/index.html.

The indexes (in pdf format) on the right are arranged by surname and include last name, first name, month/day of birth, year of birth, month/day of death, year of death, cemetery name, and township. The township column contains hyperlinks directly to the relevant CD(s) for sale through the LMHS bookstore. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view these indexes. When you click on one of the hyperlinks, Adobe may show a message asking if you want to link to an outside source. Please be assured that the links are valid and safe.

If you do not wish to purchase an entire township on CD-ROM(s), you may request copies of individual stones. Please send an email tofor more information.

Cemetery Transcriptions

The library owns more than 2,500 cemetery transcriptions from Lancaster and other counties, states, and countries, listed by cemetery name, location, source, and religious denomination. Transcriptions completed in the 1930s and 1940s by Albert Gerberich and William Worner appear primarily on microfilm. See also subject heading CEMETERIES in the library catalog.

The cemetery records may be accessed by visiting the library or by requesting a copy by mail or email. Please contact the library by email (research@lmhs.org) or by mail or telephone (see contact information below) for an estimate of the cost.

Cemetery transcriptions vary in terms of quality, format, and comprehensiveness since they were gleaned from many different sources. Each person doing cemetery transcription work has their own method of and reasons for recording the data. Some transcriptions contain names and dates of every headstone; some include other tombstone inscriptions; and some include genealogical data. Some records may be very incomplete due to personal interest only in a few surnames or due to the physical condition of the stones remaining. It is never a bad idea to consult multiple cemetery records to check for accuracy.

Click on the file name below to view a listing of cemeteries for which the library has at least a partial transcription. The listing may be downloaded and sorted by name, location, source, etc. The file is in spreadsheet format requiring Microsoft Excel or a compatible spreadsheet application.


Cemetery Listing