Personal Papers

The Lancaster Mennonite Historical Society holds many collections that were created by or collected by individuals. These collections are referred to as the Personal Papers and can be a valuable resource for understanding how individuals perceived the world around them. Many of the persons whose collections are stored in the archives were leaders in the Lancaster Conference or Atlantic Coast Conference of the Mennonite Church or were active in mission work locally or abroad. Some persons, however, were lay persons who–intentionally or unintentionally–have documented their stories through diaries, photographs, letters, and other materials. The Society also has personal collections of photographs and genealogical papers that are cataloged separately.

To view a list of personal papers with a very basic description of the contents of each, please click the link below. This will open a pdf file listing all of the personal papers in alphabetical order by name. Adobe Reader software is necessary to view the file. It is possible to search the document by using the Find feature in Adobe Reader. For example, if you are interested in “Tennessee” John Stoltzfus, type “tennessee” in the search field, press the Enter key, and you will find all of the collections whose descriptions contain the word “tennessee.”

Personal Papers Finding Aid 201802
Personal Papers Finding Aid 201802
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