Church Records

The Lancaster Mennonite Historical Society Archives is the official depository for the following two church conferences. These collections include records created at various levels of the conferences, including administrative, committee, and congregational.

  1. Atlantic Coast Mennonite Conference (ACC)
  2. Lancaster Mennonite Conference (LMC)

It is important to note that Mennonite churches, in general, did not begin keeping records until the twentieth century. Even then there is not a lot of standardization in record-keeping from congregation to congregation as one finds within some other denominations. Occasionally there was a Mennonite clergyman who kept a journal or record of church-related activities before the twentieth century. Researchers may search for such records in the Personal Papers at the Archives.

The Historical Society Library does hold numerous non-Mennonite, published church records; in particular, those of Lutheran and Reformed congregations in Lancaster County. Use the Library Catalog to search for such records.