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Mar 29 2019


1:30 pm - 3:30 pm



The New DNA Reality

Curious about DNA, but also concerned with privacy? Join Darvin Martin as he explains the types of DNA used to connect families together, and if any of that DNA can also be used by law enforcement, and if so, how. In two recent high profile cases, DNA from genealogical sites helped trace and confirm the identity of criminals from crimes committed years ago. How was this done? And can your DNA be used in this way without your permission? We’ll go over all the pertinent contemporary issues with DNA and privacy and peer into what is forthcoming in the future.

Darvin Martin has been chairman of the Lancaster Family History Conference since 2003.  He is an avid genealogist and local historian, has published several articles and books about local Mennonite families, and has initiated the tombstone photography project, Let These Stones Speak, as well as his own website    Darvin also conducts local tours of colonial homesteads and Native American sites and has begun to categorize the ancient migration patterns of Swiss families based on DNA testing.  He has degrees in Agriculture and Chemistry, and by vocation, works primarily as a pharmaceutical chemist.  He is currently employed by Natoli Engineering, a company that strives to automate laboratory processes among the pharmaceutical industry.

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