There are quite a few treasures in this auction.  Some especially interesting items include two books containing bookplates by noted Amish folk artist, Barbara Ebersol.  One plate is an 1868 Ausbund and reads, “Dieses Buch Gehöret Mir Anna Kinnig Und Hab Es von Meiner Gross mame Marie Kinnig Bekomen Zur Ere Und Lob Gottes Im iahr 1913” (lot #105).  The other plate appears in a 1904 Die ernsthafte Christenpflicht and reads, “Dieses Büchlein Gehöret min Lidia Kinnig Und Hab Es von Meine Gross mame Maria Kinnig Bekomen Zur Ere Und Lob Gottes Im iahr 1913” (#108).

     There are other items relating to the King family including a diary marked “Benjamin Kings Diary Kelly Point township . . . Diary for 1874, Benjamin King Union Co Pa” and “Benjamin King was Born in November in 1855” (#109); an 1868 Unpartheyisches Gesang-Buch with the names “Lizzie S. King. Dec. 18. 1880” and “Elizabeth K. King” written in it (#106); and an 1888 copy of David Beiler’s Das wahre Christenthum with “Presented to David B. King By His Parents David K and Lydia King” written in it (#107).

    Other items of note include three matted and framed etchings of the interiors and congregations of Dutch Mennonite churches.  These appear to be originals with the date 1781 appearing on one (lots #207-209).  Another matted and framed item is a print of one of Jan Luyken’s Martyrs Mirror engravings: the burning of Jurriaen Simonz, Clement Dircks, and Marie Joris, Haarlem, 1557.  It is dated 1978 and labeled as being number 12 of 60.  It is thought to have been printed by Stan Kaufman using one of the original Luyken plates which were rediscovered in 1975 (#206).

The sale includes a 1785 Germantaun edition of the Ausbund (#272).  Other Ausbunds include the following editions: 1880, 1941, 1962 and 1984 (#170-173).  Also present are a 1758 copy of Kurzer Auszug von Menno Simons Schrifften which belonged to Isaac Kolb, Skippack Twp., Montgomery Co., Pa. (#211); and an 1820 Unpartheyisches Gesang-Buch belonging to Heinrich Hess (#353).  Also appearing are an 1808 German school book belonging to “Peter Eshelman, Richland” (#12); and an 1817 German schoolbook with an Eshelman birth record in the front (#13).

The sale contains an 1814 German Martyrs Mirror published in Lancaster (#305); an 1870 German Martyrs Mirror (#104); several sets of The Mennonite Encyclopedia; a set of The Brethren Encyclopedia (#362); a copy of John Ruth’s The Earth is the Lord’s (#99); an 1871 edition of The Complete Works of Menno Simon (#101); and a German Bible with family records of Ludwig/Lewis Bortner and Elisabeth Krebs of York Co., Pa. (#193).

Other books include: a 1749 copy of Christoph Starke’s Synopsis Bibliothecae in Vetus Testamentum . . . (#91);  an 1829 Nützliche und erbauliche Anrede an die Jugend by Christian Burkholder (#351); an 1859 Eine Chronik oder Geschicht-Büchlein von der sogenannten Mennonisten Gemeinde by Jacob Stauffer; and a 1734 Bible with decorative metal corners published in Basel (#433). 

Also of special interest are a copy of the limited edition 2006 Illustrated Historical Atlas of Lancaster County; a History of Lancaster County by Ellis and Evans; 14 different limited edition books published by Science Press about Lancaster County history and culture (#214-225); and the Annals of the Conestoga Valley signed by both authors (#306).

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