Jean Kilheffer Hess

If you imagine an organization as a person, the head, heart, hands, and feet are staff and volunteers.  They think creatively, strategize, and get things done. The money needed to accomplish the organization’s mission is its life blood.

Without healthy blood flow, a person can’t do much, much less all that she has set out to accomplish! Likewise, a community benefit organization can only serve the community with the generous, ongoing financial support of partners who care about its impact and invest.

Your contributed dollars enliven Lancaster Mennonite Historical Society and make its ministry possible.

In the coming weeks and months, you will likely encounter an “ask” from LMHS, an opportunity to give money. You will learn more about our facilities needs, like a roof on the Society building. You will hear stories about how your gifts are changing lives and helping people learn new things about themselves and connect with others.

Thank you, in advance, for including Lancaster Mennonite Historical Society in your year-end giving.