Our November 9 book auction will feature several unique items, including an 1824 schoolbook published in Germany and inscribed in 1833 with the name of immigrant Peter Nafziger. A rare booklet will be available about an incident of persecution of Mennonites titled Pro Copia Instrumentum Publicum: Concerning That Which Was Considered in Facti, by the Lord Commissioners of the Palatine Electoral Prince in Reference to the Protestant Mennonites at Reijdt in the Year 1694, and What Transpired published in Philadelphia in 1909 by N.B. Grubb.

Another rare volume is The Anabaptists: Being an Account of the Progress of the Reformation in Germany . . . Comprising the History of the Anabaptists, or Mennonites: With Remarks on Fanaticism, Riots, War, Oaths, Baptism, the Sabbath, and Other Subjects, by Harvey Newcomb and published in 1836 by the Massachusetts Sabbath School Society. More recent works on Anabaptism include Eradicating the Devil’s Minions: Anabaptists and Witches in Reformation Europe, 1525-1600.

Items of interest to family historians include: volumes 1-5 of Let These Stones Speak: A Genealogical Guide to Lancaster County’s Families Based on Cemetery Research on 10 CDs; books on the Pennsylvania Soldiers’ Orphans Schools including listings of residents’ names, 1870s-1890s; and Pennsylvania German Pioneers: A Publication of the Original Lists of Arrivals in the Port of Philadelphia, from 1727 to 1808.

Also available will be an autographed copy of John Ruth’s The Earth Is the Lord’s; an autographed copy of Farm Life and Its Changes by Gideon Fisher; a copy of Annals of the Conestoga Valley belonging to Ira D. Landis; an 1844 edition of History of Lancaster County by Rupp; an 1869 edition of An Authentic History of Lancaster County, by Mombert; The Brethren Encyclopedia; 1853 and 1903 editions of Unpartheyisches Gesang-Buch, as well as an 1820 edition inscribed with “Samuel Maÿer, 1820”; a 1938 Martyrs Mirror; and an 1869 edition of The Harmonia Sacra.

The entire sale catalog can be accessed online and paper copies are available for $5. We accept bids via our website, email, postal mail or phone until 4:30 pm, Thursday, November 8. We invite you to attend the auction on November 9, at 6:30 p.m. at the Society.