Destiny, the Lancaster Mennonite Historical Society’s online library catalog, is a valuable tool for searching our collections. It is available on public computers in our library or from the comfort of your home through our website.

Basic Library Search

  • Go to the online Library Catalog. It can also be accessed via the list of Quick Links on the home page of the LMHS web site.
  • In the search field type a word or phrase, and then click on the appropriate button (Keyword, Title, Author, Subject, Series) to perform the type of search you want. The results can be sorted by various criteria, including call number, author, title, etc.
  • Note that if you perform an author, title, series, or subject search you can browse a list of headings by clicking on the text that says “Browse Authors?” or “Browse Subjects?”, etc. This is a helpful way to view the headings used in the catalog and references to related, alternate, or authorized headings.
  • Clicking on the Details button (or title) will show more information about the item, such as publication information, pagination, ownership notes, etc.
  • Clicking on the number of copies available will reveal more information about each copy.

Power Library Search

  • Advanced searching techniques are available by choosing the “Power” tab on the library search page.
  • To refine a search, various combinations of search terms can be selected to either include or exclude records as needed. It is also possible to limit the results to items of a particular material type, publishing date, etc.


  • More detailed instructions about using any of these functions are available by clicking on the “How do I …” text or question mark near the upper, right-hand corner of the catalog.

Destiny Quest

  • An alternative library catalog search interface is available by clicking on “Destiny Quest” on the left side of the catalog.
  • In addition to basic search capabilities, Destiny Quest offers some unique functions such as a listing of new arrivals and the top ten recently-used books.
  • When viewing the details of a book, it is also possible virtually browse the library shelves by clicking on “Shelf Browse.”