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This auction features a book with an interesting local connection: an 1808 volume about printing which was owned and signed by Joseph Ehrenfried who was a prominent printer in early Lancaster (Lot #262). One of the books printed by Ehrenfried was the 1814 German edition of the Martyrs Mirror which appears on this auction (#101). There is also a copy of the first English edition of the Martyrs Mirror published in 1837 in Lampeter (#42), as well as a partial copy of the 1748 edition published in Ephrata (#316). Other books published in Ephrata are the 1811 Christosophia; oder, der Weg zu Christo by Jacob Böhmen (#289), and Christilisches Gemüths-Gespräch published in 1769 (#189).

There are four copies of Menno Simons’ Ein Fundament und klare Anweisung: two 1794 editions (#317, #331), an 1835 edition (#290), and an 1851 edition (#332). An 1820 Unpartheyisches Gesang-Buch owned by Christian Weber appears (#356), as well as Das kleine Davidische Psalterspiel der Kinder Zions published in Germantown in 1760 by Christopher Saur (#194). There are copies of the German Bibles published in Lancaster in 1819 (#41), and in Somerset, Pa. in 1813 (#188).

Early agricultural books include American Farrier: Adapted for the Convenience of the Farmer, Gentleman and Smith published in Strasburg, Pa. in 1803 (#203); Der Bauer als Landmesser published in Reading in 1824 (#201, #202), and Wohlerfahrner Pferde-Arzt by Isaac Leib published in Lebanon, Pa. in 1842 (#204). Cures for human maladies are included in Henry Heinen’s Gesundheits-Schatzkammer published in Lancaster in 1831 (#205). Interpretation of dreams is covered in Das Universal-Traumbuch published in Reading in 1821 (#208). The oldest book on the sale is Thomas Godwyn’s Moses and Aaron, published in London in 1628 (#368).

Other highlights include Annals of the Conestoga Valley (#73); two signed copies of John Ruth’s The Earth is the Lord’s (#312, #377); A Pleasant View of Martindale (#19); copies of The Mennonite Encyclopedia (#269, #287) and The Brethren Encyclopedia (#270); The Jonas Martin Era (#23); The Wenger Book (#272, #300); a signed copy of The Innovators, a history of the New Holland Company (#299); and a 1903 rebound edition of Biographical Annals of Lancaster County (#240).

A wealth of historical and genealogical information from the early 1900s is contained in the fifteen nicely-bound volumes of The Pennsylvania German (#258). A complete set of Pennsylvania Mennonite Heritage magazine, 1978-2019 is available (#376). Maps on the sale include colored pages from the 1864 and 1875 Lancaster atlases depicting Strasburg and Leacock townships (#84-85), as well as a collection of early 1900s topographical maps of various sections of southeastern Pennsylvania (#86).

Also appearing are Enemies in the Rear, an 1895 historical Civil War novel based on events in Wernersville, Berks County, Pa. with accompanying letters written by the author, Francis T. Hoover (#251); a signed copy of Gideon Fisher’s Farm Life and Its Changes (#77); an 1812 German-English dictionary published in Lancaster contains the signature of “Andrew Kauffman” (#259); and an 1802 edition of The Constitutions of the United States owned by Tobias and Benjamin Herr (#22).