Library Use Policy

1. Researchers must register at library reference desk. Coats may be left at the coat rack at the library reference desk.

2. Briefcases, canvas bags, and other large bags and containers must be placed on or under the coat rack or in the lockers provided at the library reference desk. Researchers retain the locker key until they leave the library.

3. A fee of $5.00 per day for use of the library is charged of nonmembers of the Historical Society. However, no charge is made to students currently enrolled in an educational institution. No charge is made to Lancaster Mennonite Conference or Atlantic Coast Conference pastors or to church workers of LMC/ACC-affliated congregations or institutions doing research in connection with their work assignment.

4. This is a smoke-free building. Also, food and beverages may be used in restricted areas but not in the reading room.

5. Children under the age of ten years must be accompanied by a parent or other responsible adult at all times.

6. Computers are available for patron use. Please see the library’s Internet and computer policy for further details. Wireless Internet access is not currently provided.

7. The reading room contains open shelves. Researchers have access to materials on the open shelves for browsing and retrieval.

8. The following materials are shelved in nonbrowsing areas of the library and may be requested from library staff:
· Books indicated on catalog cards as “Closed Stacks” and “Rare Books.”
· Most periodical articles and unpublished papers, including “Vertical File” items.
· Folders containing newspaper clippings, correspondence, copies of family Bible records, and other loose materials pertaining to a given surname (referred to as “Genealogical Archives”)

9. Please do not reshelve books or other materials. Place all books, folders, and other materials on the book return cart next to the reference shelf. Materials will be reshelved by the library staff.

10. Please do not rearrange, mark, or otherwise alter library materials. If you feel that an entry is in error, bring it to the attention of the library staff. Forms for correction of erroneous information on cards in the genealogical card file as well as for addition of new information are available at the library reference desk.

11. Photocopying may be done by researchers. Photocopy charges are as follows:

Black and White Copies
· Patron Rate: $.25 per sheet for 8.5” x 11” paper and $.30 per copy for anything larger
· Add 6% Pa. sales tax

Color Copies
· Patron Rate: $.50 per sheet for 8.5 x 11” paper and $1.00 per sheet for anything larger
· Add 6% Pa. sales tax

Patrons may print from the public computers at the same rates as those for photocopies. Researchers should keep a tally on the registration sheet beside their name of the number of copies made and pay for all copies when leaving the library. The library reserves the right of copying rare or fragile materials by the library staff. The library reserves the right of refusal to photocopy any item. A photocopy and research service is available to persons who cannot come to the library. Interested persons should contact the Historical Society for information and rates.

12. Materials in the library may be protected by copyright (Title 17 U.S. Code) or by literary property rights code. Under current copyright law, an author has ownership of works generated by that person whether or not a copyright notice appears within that work. In general, photocopies of selected pages or sheets may be made, but entire works or large, continuously paged sections of works may not be copied by mechanical means without permission of the copyright owner. This applies to published and unpublished works, including unpublished, designated collections held by the Historical Society. All responsibility for infringement of copyright laws rests with the person making copies.

13. Permission by written request to the Historical Society must be obtained before publication of any material obtained from its archival collection, including genealogical archives. The library requests that it receive a copy of a dissertation or published work based on information obtained at the Historical Society.

14. Some books in the library circulate and may be signed out for a two-week loan period, renewable for one subsequent two week period. For overdue books there is a charge of 25 cents per book per day the library is open. Borrowers wishing to renew the loan must notify the library; otherwise, books are considered overdue until notification or return of books. Books should be returned to the library in person if possible. Borrowers must either be members of the Historical Society or pay the $5.00 daily use fee each time they would like to borrow materials. Exceptions will be made for Mennonite pastors and church workers needing to borrow items in connection with their work assignment or students enrolled at Eastern Mennonite Seminary.

The following items do not circulate; they must be used in the library:

Genealogy (books classified under CS)
Local history (F)
Atlases (G)
Fine Arts (N-NX)
Books on Closed Stacks
Rare Books
Books on reference shelves
Church Records
Will abstracts
Cemetery files
Surname files (Genealogical Archives)
Archival items
Martin E. Ressler Collection
Microfilms, microfiches
Pennsylvania German Society series
Pennsylvania German Folklore Society series

The library reserves the right to deny circulation of other materials not designated above.

15. Interlibrary loan requests for materials in the library must be made through Access PA’s online ILL system.

September 25, 2008