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Selected articles in library's 500+ historical and genealogical periodicals have been indexed according to author, title, and subject in the library catalog. Library visitors should search both the online catalog and the old card catalog for articles located in "Periodicals" and "Vertical File." A periodical index is also available as a separate card file in the library. While this index is not current, it is a useful source of information for topical research. The Periodical Source List Index (PERSI) is a helpful resource for locating articles of genealogical interest. PERSI is available in the library through an online subscription to HeritageQuest Online.

Periodicals List

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Abiding Branches
Abundant Living Ministries
Action News (see Mennonite Disaster Service. Eastern Pennsylvania Unit.)
Acts Alive
Adams County Historical Society
- Newsletter
Advanced Sunday School Lesson Quarterly
Advocates in Mission (see Eastern Mennonite Board of Missions)
Africa Inter-Mennonite Mission
- Messenger
Africa Letters
Africa Newsletter (see Mennonite Central Committee)
Agape (see Mennonite Board of Missions)
Agricultural Almanac (John Baer's Sons)
Agrogram (see Civilian Public Service. Camp No. 106.)
Alabama-Northwest Florida District
- District Newsletter
Aletheia (see Eastern Mennonite Seminary)
Algemeen Doopsgezind Weekblad
Alight (see Christian Light Publications)
Alive (see Mennonite Broadcasts)
Algemeen Doopsgezind Weekblad
Alive (see Mennonite Broadcasts)
Alleghany Botschafter
Allegheny Mennonite Conference
- Allegheny Conference News
(formerly Southwestern Pennsylvania Conference News)
- Annual Report
All-Mennonite Convention
- Report
Alumni Bulletin (see Eastern Mennonite College/University)
Alumni Newsletter (see Eastern Mennonite College/University)
Alumni Update (see Eastern Mennonite College/University)
Ambassador of Peace (see Young Companion)
The American Archivist (see Society of American Archivists)
American Family History
American Family Records Association
- Family Records Today
- Member Directory
American Folklife
American Genealogical Lending Library
- Genealogy Bulletin
The American Genealogist
American-German Review
American Heritage
American History Illustrated
American Library Association
- American Libraries
American Mennonite Mission
- Report
American Music
The American Universal Magazine
Amish Country News
Amish Heritage
Amish Mennonite Aid
- Newsletter
Amish Mennonite Church. Mission Interests Comm.
- Newsletter
Among Ourselves (see Mennonite Central Committee)
Anabaptist (Mennonite) Directory (see Sword and Trumpet)
Anabaptist-Mennonite Scholars Network
Anabaptist Network Newsletter
Anabaptist Vision
- Newsletter
Ancestry News
Angels on Duty (see Landis Homes)
Annals of Iowa
Antietam Ancestors (see Waynesboro Historical Society)
Apunter (see Mennonite Central Committee, under Jottings)
Arbor Place News (formerly Christian Community Center News)
Archiv für Sippenforschung
The Archival Spirit (see Society of American Archivists)
Associated Mennonite Biblical Seminary
- Annual Report
- Bulletin
- Catalogue
- In Partnership
- Pursue a Vision
- Vision
- Window
Association for Gravestone Studies
- Markers
- Newsletter
Association of Mennonite Elementary Schools
- The Christian School
Association of Mennonite Psychologists
- Newsletter
Association of Mennonites in the Arts (see Mennonite Publishing House)
Association of Professional Genealogists
- Books for Professionals
- Directory of Professional Genealogists
- Green Sheet
- News
- Newsletter
- Quarterly
Atlantic Coast Conference
- Annual Report
- Currents
The Attendant (see Civilian Public Service. Mental Hygiene Program.)
The Auto Kit (see Mennonite Mutual Aid Association)

BV Villager (see Brethren Village)
Baer Family Newsletter
Balch Institute for Ethnic Studies
- New Dimensions
Bald Eagle Wilderness Boys Camp School
Baltzer Meyer Historical Society
- Good Purpose
Barry's Bumblings (see Lancaster Mennonite Conference. Youth and Young Adult Commission.)
Beachy Amish I-W Newsletter
The Beacon (see Maranatha Christian School)
Beacon of Hope
Beams of Light
Bear Tracks
Behind the Hammer (see Mennonite Disaster Services)
Being in Touch (see General Conference Mennonite Church)
Believers Sharing
Belize News
Belleville Mennonite School
- Kish-O-Vale
- The Quill
- The Valley Zephyr
Berks County Genealogical Society
- Branches of Berks
- Journal of the Berks Co. Genealogical Soc.
- Index of Surnames
Berks of Old
Beth Shalom
- Bulletin
- Bulletin
Bethany Theological Seminary
- Catalog
- Seminarian
Beyond (see Eastern Mennonite Board of Missions)
Beyond Ourselves (see Mennonite Mission Network)
Bibel und Pflug
Bible Helps
- Booklet
- Tract
Bible Study Guide (see Women's Missionary and Service Commission)
Bits and Pieces (see Philhaven Hospital)
Black Rock Retreat
- Bulletin
- Pieces of the Rock
Blackboard Bulletin
Blair County Genealogical Society
- Newsletter
The Blue Ridge Bugle (see Civilian Public Service. Camp No. 39.)
Bluffton College
- Bulletin
- Witmarsum
Der Blumenbaum
Boehm's Chapel Society
- Newsletter
Booklet of Prayer (see Mennonite Board of Missions and Charities)
Books and Culture
Books for Professionals (see Association of Professional Genealogists)
Der Bote
Die Botschaft
Botschafter Der Wahrheit
Bowmansville-Reading District
- The Beacon
- Happenings
Branches of Berks (see Berks County Genealogical Society)
Brethren Biblical Institute
- News
Brethren in Christ History and Life
Brethren in Christ Missions
- Handbook of Missions
- Newsletter
- Yearbook
Brethren Life and Thought
Brethren Living
Brethren/Mennonite Council for Lesbian and and Gay Concerns
- Annual Report
- Dialogue
Brethren News
Brethren Peace Fellowship
- Atlantic Northeast District Newsletter
- Mid-Atlantic District Newsletter
Brethren Peace Fellowship and Newsletter
Brethren Resistance Newsletter
Brethren Revival Fellowship
- Witness
Brethren Roots (see Fellowship of Brethren Genealogists)
Brethren Roots and Branches
Brethren Village (Neffsville, Pa.)
- BV Villager
Brethren's Almanac
The Bridge (see Messiah College)
Bridge of Hope
Bridges (see Lancaster Mennonite School)
Brook Lane Psychiatric Center
- Newsletter
Brotherhood Beacon (Conservative Mennonite Conference)
Brotherhood Beacon (see Mennonite Christian Brotherhood)
Brotherhood Builder
Brown, Wendel, and Descendants
Die Brücke
Bucks County Genealogical Society
- Newsletter
Bucks County Life
Bucks County Panorama
Bucks County Traveler
The Budget
Build (see Evangelical Mennonite Church)
Bulletin of German American Studies (see Society for German American Studies)
Bulletin of Information (see Civilian Public Service)
Burkholder Family Reunion
Burning Bush of the Cumberland Valley
The Bush-Meeting Dutch

CMLC Contacto (see Chicago Mennonite Learning Center)
COBYS Newsletter (see Church of the Brethren Youth Services)
COBYS Fostering Hope (see Church of the Brethren Youth Services)
CPS GI (see Civilian Public Service. Camp No. 111.)
C.U. Shares (see Pennsylvania Mennonite Federal Credit Union)
Calender of Appointments (see Mennonite Conference of Ontario)
California Mennonite Historical Society
- Bulletin
Call to Peacemaking (see Mennonite Central Committee)
Call to Worship (see Lancaster Mennonite Conference)
Calvary Hour
- Newsletter
- Radio Pulpit
- Sermons
Calvary Messenger
Camp Andrews
- News
Camp Deerpark
- Newsletter
Camp Hebron
- Hebron Happenings
Camp Letter (see Civilian Public Service. Camp No. 55.)
Canadian-German Folklore
The Canadian Mennonite (1953-71)
Canadian Mennonite (1997- )
Canadian Mennonite Bible College
- Catalogue
Canner Times (see Mennonite Central Committee)
Caribbean Light and Truth
Carl Schurz Memorial Foundation
- [Newsletter]
Carroll County Genealogical Society (Md.)
- The Carrolltonian
The Casselman Chronicle
Casselman River Amish & Mennonite Historians
- The Historian
Cataloging Service Bulletin (see Library of Congress)
Center for Discipleship Newsletter (see Goshen College)
Center for Mennonite Brethren Studies
- Newsletter
Center for Pennsylvania German Studies
- Journal of the Center for Pa. German Studies
Central Christian High School
- Centralian
Central Committee for Conscientious Objectors
- News Notes
Central District (General Conference Menn. Ch.)
- Reporter
Central Pennsylvania Genealogical Magazine
Centralian (see Central Christian High School)
Centre County Genealogical Society
- Centre County Roots
- Surname Index
The Challenge (formerly Missionary Challenge)
Charity Christian Fellowship
- The Heartbeat of the Remnant
Charity Christian Missions
- Newsletter
Checkpoint (see Lancaster Mennonite School)
Chester County Collections
Chester County Historical Society
- Bulletin
- Newsletter
Chicago Mennonite Learning Center
- CMLC Contacto
China Relief Notes (see Mennonite Central Committee)
Choices (see Eastern Mennonite Board of Missions)
- Chrisholm Time
- Friends of Chrisholm
Christ Seul
Christian Aid Ministries
- Newsletter
The Christian Bond
The Christian Century
The Christian Contender
Christian Education Bulletin (see Lancaster Mennonite Conference)
The Christian Evangel (see also The Mennonite [Newton, Kans.])
The Christian Example
The Christian Exponent
The Christian Family
Christian History
The Christian Leader
The Christian Librarian
Christian Light Publications
- Alight
- Catalog
- News Release
Christian Living
The Christian Ministry
Christian Monitor
The Christian Nurse
The Christian Pathway
The Christian Patriot
Christian Peacemaker Teams
- Signs of the Times
Christian Printing Mission
- Publishing Newsletter
The Christian Review
The Christian School (see Association of Mennonite Elementary Schools)
Christian School Builder
Christian Service in the South (see Civilian Public Service. Camp No. 141.)
The Christian Witness (Krimmer Mennonite Brethren)
The Christian Writer
Christianity Today
Christlicher Bundesbote
Christlicher Familienfreund
Christlicher Gemeinde Kalender
Christopher Dock Mennonite School
- Lamplighter
- Schul Andenken
Chronicon (see Ephrata Cloister Associates)
Church and Mission News (Mennonite Conference of Ontario)
Church and State
The Church Correspondent
Church History
Church News (German Seventh-Day Baptist)
Church of the Brethren. Atlantic Northeast District.
- Directory
- Minutes
Church of the Brethren. Eastern Pennsylvania District.
- Directory
- Minutes
Church of the Brethren. Southern Pennsylvania District.
- Directory
Church of the Brethren Youth Services
- COBYS Newsletter
- COBYS Fostering Hope
Citizens for Responsible Growth
Citybeat (see Philadelphia Anabaptist Community)
Civilian Public Service
- Bulletin of Information
- Camp No. 4. The Olive Branch.
- Camp No. 5. Pike View Peace News.
- Camp No. 8. Whispering Pines.
- Camp No. 18. Denison Olive Branch-Vangard
- Camp No. 20. The Turnpike Echo.
- Camp No. 22. Deep River Echo.
- Camp No. 24. Green Pastures.
- Camp No. 24. The Soil.
- Camp No. 25. Weeping Water News Drops.
- Camp No. 27.
- Camp No. 28. Peace Sentinel.
- Camp No. 31. The Snowliner.
- Camp No. 33. The Rising Tide.
- Camp No. 34. Harmony.
- Camp No. 35. High Sierra Vistas.
- Camp No. 39. The Blue Ridge Bugle.
- Camp No. 40. Nursery Views.
- Camp No. 44. Unifier.
- Camp No. 45. The Skyliner.
- Camp No. 52. The Dove Tale.
- Camp No. 55. Camp Letter.
- Camp No. 55. The Trailmaker.
- Camp No. 57. Rushmore Reflector.
- Camp No. 60. New Horizons.
- Camp No. 64. The Yellowstone Builder.
- Camp No. 67. Marsh Valley Echo.
- Camp No. 85. Newsette.
Civilian Public Service (continued)
- Camp No. 103. Smoke Jumper's Load Line.
- Camp No. 106. Agrogram.
- Camp No. 107. Sequoia Hi-Lights.
- Camp No. 111. The CPS GI
- Camp No. 138. Unit 2. Mennonite Farmunity.
- Camp No. 138. The Conservator.
- Camp No. 141. Christian Service in the South.
- The Compass
- Dairy Service Bulletin
- Demobilization
- Mental Hygiene Program. The Attendant.
- New England Dairy Farm Unit
- Pulse (Letters Written from CPS Camps)
The Clarion (see Messiah College)
Clay Bookstore
Coatesville Hospital School of Nursing
- The Lamp
Codorus Chronicles
College and Community (see Elizabethtown College)
The Colporteur
A Common Place (see Mennonite Central Committee)
Communicator (see Manheim Christian Day School)
Communique (see Evangelical Mennonite Church)
Communique (see National Historic Communal Societies Association)
Community Affairs (see Pennsylvania.Department of Community Affairs.)
Community Highlights (see Mennonite Home [Lancaster, Pa.])
Community Historians
- Annual
- Community History
The Compass (see Civilian Public Service)
Computer Interest Group (see National Genealogical Society)
The Compass (see Civilian Public Service)
Conciliation Services Quarterly (see Mennonite Central Committee)
Concordia Historical Institute
- Quarterly
The Conference Historian
The Conference Messenger (South Central Conference)
Conference of Mennonites in Canada
- Nexus
Conference on Mennonite Educational and Cultural Problems
- Proceedings
The Congo Missionary Messenger
Congregational Literature Catalog (see Mennonite Publishing House)
The Connection (see Dove Christian Fellowship)
The Connection (see Lancaster Mennonite Conference. Commission on Aging.)
Connections (see Menno Haven [Chambersburg, Pa.])
Connections (see Mennonite Health Services)
Connections (see Virginia Mennonite Conference)
Connector (see Lancaster Mennonite School)
Conococheague Mennonist (see Mennonite Historical Association of the Cumberland Valley)
Conococheague QueryLine (see Waynesboro Historical Society)
Conrad Grebel College
- Calendar
- Grebel Now
Conrad Grebel Review
Conscientious Objector
Conservative Mennonite Conference
- Report
The Conservator (see Civilian Public Service. Camp No. 138.)
Consultation: A Hermeneutical Newsletter for Concerned Mennonites
Contact (see Mennonite Central Committee)
Contact (see Western Mennonite School)
Convencion Nacional de Iglesias Menonita Hispanas
- Nuevo Horizonte
Correo (see Mennonite World Conference)
The Council News (see Lancaster County Council of Churches)
Counterclockwise (see Mennonite Central Committee)
The Country Scholar (see Rowsburg Bookstore)
The County
County Life
Courier (see Mennonite Mutual Aid Association)
Courier (see Mennonite World Conference)
Courier (see Mid-Atlantic Association of Museums)
Courier (see Pennsylvania. Department of Community Affairs.)
Creative Writers' Efforts
The Crest (see Windber-Johnstown Area Genealogical Society)
Cross Connection (New Holland, Pa.)
Crossroads (see Eastern Mennonite College/University)
Crusade Witness (formerly The Voice of Truth)
The Cry of the City
Cumberland County Historical Society
- Cumberland County History
- Newsletter
Currents (see Atlantic Coast Conference)
Curriculum Communicator (see Eastern Pennsylvania Mennonite Church)

Daily Prayer Guide (see Mennonite Board of Missions and Charities)
Dairy Service Bulletin (see Civilian Public Service)
Damascus Road Newsletter (see Mennonite Central Committee)
Dateline (see Mennonite Mutual Aid Association)
The Dauphin County Historical Review (see Historical Society of Dauphin County)
Day Seven Ministries
Deep River Echo (see Civilian Public Service. Camp No. 22.)
Dein Reich Komme
Delaware Mennonite Historical Association
- Delaware Historical Newsletter
Demobilization (see Civilian Public Service)
Denison Olive Branch-Vanguard (see Civilian Public Service. Camp No. 18.)
Der Deutsche Brief
Deutsche Missiongemeinschaft
- Missions-Berichte
Devotional Guide (see Women's Missionary and Service Commission)
Dialogue (see Brethren/Mennonite Council for Lesbian and Gay Concerns)
Dialogue on Disabilities (see Mennonite Central Committee)
Diamond Street Community Center
- Diamonds
The Diary
Discern the Times
Disciples of Christ Historical Society
- Discipliana
- We're History
El Discipulo Christiano
Dispatch (see Eastern Mennonite Board of Missions)
Doopsgezinde Historische Kring
- Doopsgezinde Bijdragen
- Doperse Stemmen
Doopsgezinde Jaarboek
Dove Christian Fellowship
- The Connection
The Dove Tale (see Civilian Public Service. Camp No. 52.)
Draft Counselors' Update (see Mennonite Central Committee)
Dream Seekers Magazine
Dutch Business Directory
Dutch Quilt Auction Catalog

Early American Life
Early American Studies
East Coast Update (see Mennonite Central Committee)
East Lampeter High School
- El Dorado
Eastern Amish Mennonite Conference
- Report
Eastern District (General Conference Mennonite Church)
- Directory
- The Messenger
- Minutes/Report/Proceedings
Eastern Mennonite Board of Missions
- Advocates in Mission
- Annual Report
- Beyond
- Choices
- Dispatch
- Kaleidoscope
- Mission Board News
- The Mission Intercessor
- Mission Moments
- Missionary Messenger
- Missions Yearbook
- News from Home
- Newsletter
- Notes for Prayer Partners
- Now Happenings
- Offering Guide
- Second Mile Signpost
- Threads of Truth
- The Volunteer
- YES Associates
Eastern Mennonite College/Eastern Mennonite University
- Alumni Bulletin
- Alumni Newsletter
- Alumni Update
- Budget
- Bulletin
- Catalogue
- Class of 1965
- Crossroads
- The Edge
- Fact Book
- Financial Report
- Historical Library. Accessions.
- Journal
- Lark Links
- Phoenix
- President's Annual Report
- Shenandoah
- Shenandoah Valley Bach Festival
- Standards
- Vision
- Weather Vane
- YPCA Report
Eastern Mennonite High School
- Alumni Newsletter
- Ember
- Today
- Windsock
Eastern Mennonite Seminary
- Aletheia
- Catalogue
- The Seminarian
- The Torch
Eastern Mennonite Testimony
Eastern Pennsylvania Mennonite Church
- Denver District. Congregational Directory.
- Publication Board. The Curriculum Communicator.
- Publication Board. The Historical Journal.
- Illinois District. Congregational Directory.
- Richland District. Congregational Directory.
- White Oak District. Congregational Directory.
Echo (see Johnstown Bible School)
Echo (see Upland College)
The Echo (Rocky Mountain Conference)
Echoes (see Gehman Mennonite School)
Echoes (see Juniata District Historical Center)
Economic Outlook (see Mennonite Foundation, Inc.)
The Edge (see Eastern Mennonite College/University)
Editing History
Educational Memo (see Mennonite Central Committee)
El Dorado (see East Lampeter High School)
El Salvador (see Mennonite Central Committee)
Elizabethtown (see Elizabethtown College)
Elizabethtown College
- Catalogue
- College and Community
- Elizabethtown
- President's Newsletter
- President's Report
Elizabethtown Historical Society
- Newsletter
Ember (see Eastern Mennonite High School)
Empowered (see Mennonite Renewal Services)
Entrée (see Weaver, Victor F., Inc.)
Environmental Task Force (see General Conference Mennonite Church)
Ephrata Cloister Associates
- Chronicon
- Newsletter
Ephrata Mennonite School
- News Sprinkler
- Yearbook
Es Elbedritsche (see Pennsylvania German Society)
Essays in History
Essex-Kent Mennonite Historical Association
- Historian
Ethiopian Relief Notes (see Mennonite Central Committee)
Euro Pax News
European Relief Notes (see Mennonite Central Committee)
The Evangel (see Gateway Evangelistic Ministries)
Evangel Herald
Evangelical Anabaptist Fellowship
- Kingdom Quarterly
- Newsletter
Evangelical and Reformed Historical Society
- News
Evangelical Mennonite Church
- Build (formerly The Evangelical Mennonite)
- Communique
- Today
Evangelical Studies Bulletin
Evangelical Visitor (see Visitor)
Ewing Family
- Journal of Clan Ewing
Exchange Messenger
Explorations in Early American Culture

Faith Builder
Faith Mennonite High School
- Mustard Seed
- Silver Crest
Fair Play Wilderness Camp School
Fairmount Homes
- Perspective
Familien Kalendar
Familienkundliche Nachrichten
Family Almanac
Family Connections
Family Heritage
Family Life
Family Records Today (see American Family Records Asso.)
The Family Tree Digest
The Family Tree Newsletter
The Family Tree Yearbook
Family Violence Prevention Network
- Newsletter
Family Worship
Federation of Genealogical Societies
- Forum
- Newsletter
Feedback (see Mennonite Board of Missions. Student and Young Adult Services.)
The Fellowship (see Gulf States Mennonite Conference)
The Fellowship Messenger (formerly Herald of Truth)
Fellowship of Brethren Genealogists
- Brethren Roots (formerly Newsletter)
- Membership Directory
Fellowship of Concerned Mennonites
- Informer
Festival Quarterly
Fieldnotes (see Mennonite Central Committee)
The Flame (see Mennonite Information Center, Berlin, Ohio)
Flintstone Mennonite School
- Through the School Window
Focus (see Hesston College)
Focus (see Northern Youth Programs)
Focus (see Rosedale Mennonite Missions)
Folklife Center News (see Library of Congress. American Folklife Center.)
Food and Hunger Notes (see Mennonite Central Committee)
Food and Life
Footprints (see Historical Society of the Cocalico Valley)
Footprints (see Penn View Christian School)
Forum (see Federation of Genealogical Societies)
The Forum (see Pennsylvania. State Library.)
Foundation Echo
Fountain of Life Ministries
Franconia Mennonite Conference
- Intersections (formerly Franconia Conference News and Mission News)
- Semi-Annual Report
Franconia Mennonite School (see Penn View Christian School)
Franklin County Footnotes (see Kittochtinny Historical Society)
Freedom Focus
The Friend
Friends of Chrisholm (see Chrisholm)
Friends of the Lancaster Area Library Newsletter
Friendscript (see Pennsylvania. Historical and Museum Commission.)
Friends of Germantown (see Germantown Mennonite Church Corporation)
Friendship Community
- News

GGS Connect (see Germanic Genealogy Society)
GMS Imprints (see Gehman Mennonite School)
Galician Grapevine
Garden Spot Village (New Holland, Pa.)
- Garden Gazette
Gateway Evangelistic Ministries
- The Evangel
- Letter to GEM Associates
- Ponty Journal
Gehman Mennonite School
- Echoes
- GMS Imprints
Gemeinde Unterwegs
Gencap (see Genealogical Computing Association of Pennsylvania)
Genealogical Aids Bulletin (see Miami Valley Genealogical Society)
Genealogical Compendium
Genealogical Computing
Genealogical Computing Association of Pennsylvania
- Gencap
The Genealogical Helper
Genealogical Journal
Genealogical Library Journal
Genealogical Library Quarterly
Genealogical Society of Pennsylvania
- New Accessions
- Penn in Hand
- The Pennsylvania Genealogical Magazine
Genealogical Society of Western Pennsylvania
- Quarterly
Genealogy Bulletin (see American Genealogical Lending Library)
Genealogy Digest
Genealogy Today
Genealogy Tomorrow
General Conference Mennonite Church
- Being in Touch
- Environmental Task Force
- Handbook of Information (formerly Mennonite Yearbook and Almanac)
- Heritage Newsletter
- Minutes
- Report
General Letter (see National Interreligious Service Board for Conscientious Objectors)
German-American Genealogy (see Immigrant Genealogical Society)
German Culture Museum
- Newsletter
German Genealogical Digest
German Genealogical Society
- Bulletin
German Genealogical Society of America
- Newsletter
German Society of Pennsylvania
- Year Book
Germanic Genealogist (see Germanic Genealogy Society)
Germanic Genealogy Society
- GGS Connect
- Germanic Genealogist
Germans from Russia Heritage Society
-Headquarters Newsletter
- Heritage Review
- Newsletter
Germantown Crier
Germantown Mennonite Historic Trust
Getting Together (see Lancaster Mediation Center)
- Newsletter (formerly Friends of Germantown)
Girls Missionary & Service Auxiliary
(see Women's Missionary and Service Commission)
Giving Matters (see Mennonite Mutual Aid Association)
Glades Guardian (see Historical and Genealogical Soc. of Somerset County)
Gleanings (see Northern Youth Programs)
Gleanings from the Threshing Floor
Global Disciples Network
- Connecting
Gochenour Family
- The Trail Seekers
Good News Fellowship of Anabaptist Mennonite Churches
- Good News Messenger
Good Purpose (see Baltzer Meyer Historical Society)
Good Tidings
Goschenhoppen Historians
- The Goschenhoppen Region
Goshen College
- Annual Report
- Bulletin
- Calendar
- Catalogue
- Center for Discipleship Newsletter
- Heritage Newsletter
- Maple Leaf
- Museum Committee Progress Report
- Record
Gospel Evangel (formerly Rural Evangel)
Gospel Express Evangelistic Team
Gospel Herald
Gospel Messenger (see Messenger [Church of the Brethren])
Gospel Star (see Rosedale Bible Institute)
Gospel Tidings
Gospel Witness
Governor Mifflin Area History
Grace Press
- News
Grapevine (see Kraybill Mennonite School)
Grave Concern
Grebel Now (see Conrad Grebel College)
Green Pastures (see Civilian Public Service. Camp No. 24.)
Green Sheet (see Association of Professional Genealogists)
Greenwood Mennonite School
- Pioneer
Growing Churches
Growing Leaders
Guidelines For Today
Gulf States Mennonite Conference
- The Fellowship

The Hai Lights (see Tel Hai Retirement Community)
Haitat Happenings (see Lancaster Area Habitat for Humanity)
Haldeman Mansion Preservation Society
Handbook for Christian Workers
Handbook of Information (see General Conference Mennonite Church)
Handbook of Missions (see Brethren in Christ Missions)
Handprints (see Hinkletown Mennonite School)
Hans Herr House Foundation
- Newsletter
Happenings (see International Gift & Thrift)
Harmonies Workshop, Inc.
- Ears to Hear
- Quarter Notes
Harmony (see Civilian Public Service. Camp No. 34.)
Harper's Magazine
The Harvest Call
Haven of Rest
- Newsletter
Headquarters Letter (see Mennonite Central Committee)
Health Matters (see Mennonite Mutual Aid Association)
Heart to Heart Letter (see Mennonite Broadcasts)
Heart to Heart Radio Talks (Foth) (see Mennonite Broadcasts)
Heart to Heart Radio Talks (Miller) (see Mennonite Broadcasts)
Heart to Heart Radio Talks (Stoltzfus) (see Mennonite Broadcasts)
The Heartbeat of the Remnant (see Charity Christian Missions)
Hebron Happenings (see Camp Hebron)
Heirloom Seed Catalog (see Landis Valley Museum)
Herald Bible Studies
Herald Evangelist
Herald of Truth (Elkhart, Ind.)
Herald Press Catalog (see Mennonite Publishing House)
El Heraldo Evangelico
Heralds of Hope
- Hope for Today
- Hope Herald
- Hope Horizons
- Meditate and Pray
- The Voice of Hope
Heritage (see Stark County Mennonite & Amish Historical Society)
Heritage Center News (see Pennsylvania German Cultural Heritage Center)
Heritage Center of Lancaster County
- Newsletter
- Publick Notice
Heritage Center News (see Pa. German Cultural Heritage Center)
Heritage Country
Heritage Keeper (see Mennonite Publishing House)
Heritage Newsletter (see General Conference Mennonite Church)
Heritage Newsletter (see Goshen College)
Heritage Quest
Heritage Quest. Local History and Genealogy Librarian.
Heritage Review (see Germans from Russia Heritage Society)
Heritage Review (see Ohio Amish Library)
Heritage Update (see Lancaster-York Heritage Region)
Herold der Wahrheit (Elkhart, Ind.)
Herold der Wahrheit (Kalona, Iowa)
Hesston College
- Bulletin
- Catalogue
- Center for Bible Study. The Mennonite Pastor.
- Focus
- Horizon
- Journal
- Jubilee
- Lark
- Student Handbook
- This Month at Hesston College
- Today
High-Aim Highlights (see Mennonite Board of Missions and Charities)
High Lights (see Mennonite Home [Lancaster, Pa.])
High Sierra Vistas (see Civilian Public Service. Camp No. 35.)
Highlights (see Kraybill Mennonite School)
Highway Highlights (see Rheems Mennonite School)
Hi-Lights (see Mennonite Publishing House)
Hinkletown Mennonite School
- Handprints
The Historian (see Casselman River Amish and Mennonite Historians)
Hispanic Mennonite Convention
- Annual Assembly
Historic Preservation (see National Trust for Historic Preservation)
Historic Preservation Trust of Lancaster County
- Lancaster Heritage Outlook
- Preservation
- Preservation Bulletin
Historic Rittenhousetown
- Friends of Historic Rittenhousetown Newsletter
- The Papermaker
Historic Schaefferstown
- Bulletin
- Record
Historical and Genealogical Soc. of Somerset County
- Annual Report
- Glades Guardian
- Laurel Messenger
The Historical Journal (see Eastern Pennsylvania Mennonite Church)
Historical Review of Berks County (see Historical Society of Berks County)
Historical Society of Berks County
- Historical Review of Berks County
- Members Update
Historical Society of Dauphin County
- The Dauphin County Historical Review
- The Oracle
Historical Society of Eastern Lancaster County
- Newsletter
Historical Society of Frederick County
Historical Society of Montgomery County
- Bulletin
- News
Historical Society of Pennsylvania
- Annual Report
- Pennsylvania Correspondent
- Pennsylvania Magazine of History & Biography
Historical Society of Schuylkill County
- Publications
Historical Society of the Cocalico Valley
- Footprints
- Journal
Historical Society of Western Pennsylvania
- Western Pennsylvania Historical Magazine
Historical Society of York County (Pa.) (see York County Heritage Trust)
History News
History of Ephrata
Hochstetler Family Newsletter
The Hoe (see Mennonite Central Committee)
Home Horizons
Home Lights (County Line Mennonite Church)
Home Messenger
- [Newsletter]
Homosexuals Anonymous Fellowship Services
- HA News
Hoover Histories
Hope for Today (see Heralds of Hope)
Hope Herald (see Heralds of Hope)
Hope Horizons (see Heralds of Hope)
Horizon (see Hesston College)
Horizons (see Landis Homes)
Horizons (see Mennonite Health and Welfare)
Horizons (see Penn Foundation for Mental Health)
Hot Line (see Mennonite Central Committee. Peace Section.)
The House Church
Huguenot Society of London
- Proceedings
Hursh-Horst-Hurst Family
- Quarterly
The Hymn (see Hymn Society of the United States and Canada)
Hymn Society of the United States and Canada
- The Hymn
- The Stanza

Illinois Mennonite Conference
- Year Book
Illinois Mennonite Historical and Genealogical Society
- Illinois Mennonite Heritage (formerly Mennonite Heritage)
- Illinois Mennonite Heritage Newsletter
- Membership Directory
- New Materials List
Immigrant Genealogical Society
- Bulletin
- German-American Genealogy
- Newsletter
Immigration and Refugee Newsletter (see Mennonite Central Committee)
Impact North Ministries (formerly Northern Light Gospel Mission)
- Calendar
- In Context (formerly Newsletter)
- Prayer Guide
In Context (see Impact North Ministries)
In Dit Amsterdam
In Partnership (see Associated Mennonite Biblical Seminary)
In Search
In the Service of the King
In Touch (see Mennonite Broadcasts)
Index of Surnames (see Berks County Genealogical Society)
India Calling
India Mission News
India News (see Mennonite Central Committee)
Information Bulletin (see Library of Congress)
Informer (see Fellowship of Concerned Mennonites)
The Informer (see Mennonite Broadcasts)
The Inquirer (Lancaster, Pa.)
Inside Line (see Mennonite Board of Missions and Charities)
The Inspirational Informer
Intelligencer Journal (do not save)
The Intercessor (see Northern Youth Programs)
Intercom (see Mennonite Central Committee)
Intercollegiate Peace Fellowship (see Mennonite Central Committee. Peace Section.)
Inter-Mennonite Farm Newsletter (see Mennonite Central Committee)
International Gift & Thrift
- Happenings
Intersections (see Franconia Mennonite Conference)
Into View (see Mennonite Mutual Aid Association)
Iowa Mennonite Historical Society
- Living Echoes
- Reflections
Iraq (see Mennonite Central Committee)
It's Providential (see Provident Bookstores)

Jahrbuch der Mennoniten in Sudamerika
Jahrbuch für Geschichte und Kultur der Mennoniten in Paraguay
Johnstown Bible School
- Echo
Johnstown Christian School
- Messenger
Jottings (see Mennonite Central Committee)
Journal of American Genealogy
Journal of Church and State
Journal of Clan Ewing (see Ewing Family)
Journal of Genealogy
Journal of German American Studies (see Society for German American Studies)
Journal of Interdisciplinary History
Journal of Mennonite Studies
Journal of the Berks Co. Genealogical Society
(see Berks County Genealogical Society)
Journal of the Center for Pennsylvania German Studies
(see Center for Pennsylvania German Studies)
Journey (see Sharing Programs)
Jubilee (see Hesston College)
Jubilee Ministries
- Annual Report
- Jubilee Journal
Jubilee Weekly
Juliana's Pen (see Lancaster County Library)
Junge Gemeinde
Juniata District
- Juniata District Messenger
Juniata District Historical Center
- Echoes
Junior Girls Activities News
The Junior Historian Magazine
Junior Messenger
Just For You
Justice and Mercy
- Newsletter

Kairos : Arts & Letters from the Mennonite Culture
Kaleidoscope (see Eastern Mennonite Board of Missions)
Kaleidoscope (see Terre Hill Menn. School)
Kansas History (see Kansas State Historical Society)
Kansas State Historical Society
- Annual Report
- Kansas Heritage
- Kansas History
- Mirror
Kauffman Museum
- Newsletter
Keystone Folklore (see Pennsylvania Folklore Society)
Keystone Folklore Quarterly
Keystone Mennonite Fellowship
- Messenger
Keystone Seekers Genealogical Quarterly
Kidron Community Historical Society
- Newsletter
Kingdom Quarterly (see Evangelical Anabaptist Fellowship)
Kish-O-Vale (see Belleville Mennonite School)
Kittochtinney Historical Society
- Franklin County Footnotes
- Newsletter
- Papers Read Before the Society
Kraybill Mennonite School
- The Grapevine
- Highlights
- Kraybill Echoes
- Kraybill Kurrents
- The Summit
* Krefeld Immigrants and Their Descendants
Der Kurier (see Mid-Atlantic Germanic Society)

LAVORP (see Lancaster Area Victim Offender Reconcilation Program)
LHRC News (see Lighthouse Rehabilitation Center)
LMUG Notes (see Lancaster Microcomputer Users Group)
La Junta Mennonite School of Nursing
- Alumnae News
- Nightingale
Lagrange County Historical Society
- Newsletter
The Lamp (see Coatesville Hospital School of Nursing)
Lamp and Light Publishers
- Catalog
Lamplighter (see Christopher Dock Mennonite School)
Lancaster Area Habitat for Humanity
- Habitat Happenings
Lancaster Area Victim Offender Reconciliation Program
- Annual Report
- Making It Right
Lancaster Cemetery
- The Lancaster "Newsletter"
Lancaster Conference News (see Lancaster Mennonite Conference)
Lancaster County (formerly Living Graciously--Lancaster County)
Lancaster County Business Directory
Lancaster County Connections
Lancaster County Conservancy
- Landview
Lancaster County Council of Churches
- The Council News
Lancaster County Heritage
Lancaster County Historical Society
- Journal
- Newsletter
Lancaster County Library
- Juliana's Pen
- Outlook
Lancaster County Planning Commission
Lancaster County Sunday School Association
- Yearbook
Lancaster District
- News
Lancaster Echoes
Lancaster Farmland Trust
- News
Lancaster General Hospital School of Nursing
- Langenhos
Lancaster Heritage Outlook (see Historic Preservation Trust of Lancaster County)
Lancaster Legacy
Lancaster MEDA Chapter News
Lancaster Mediation Center
- Getting Together
Lancaster Mennonite Conference
- Annual Report
- Board of Education. Directory of Schools.
- Call to Worship
- Christian Education Bulletin
- Commission on Aging. The Connection.
- Directory
- Lancaster Conference News
- The Librarian
- 2160 Notes
- Youth and Young Adult Commission. Barry's Bumblings.
- Youth and Young Adult Commission. Youth Memo.
Lancaster Mennonite School
- Bridges
- Catalogue
- Checkpoint
- Class of 1944
- Class of 1950
- Class of 1951
- Class of 1952
- Class of l964
- Class of 1967
- Class of 1976
- Class of l979
- Class of 1981
- Class of 1987
- Class of 1989
- Connector
- Laurel Wreath
- The Millstream
- The Motivator
- Report
- The Report Card
- Silhouette
- Staff Bulletin
- Tributary (Middle School)
Lancaster Mennonite Historical Society
- Annual Report
- Mennonite Research Journal
- The Mirror
- Pennsylvania Mennonite Heritage
Lancaster Microcomputer Users Group
- LMUG Notes
The Lancaster "Newsletter" (see Lancaster Cemetery)
Lancaster Progress
Lancaster-York Heritage Region
- Heritage Update
Lancaster-York Magazine
Landis Homes
- Angels on Duty (Volunteer newsletter)
- Horizons
- Landis Homes News
Landis Valley Museum
- Heirloom Seed Catalog
- Valley Gazette
Landview (see Lancaster County Conservancy)
Langenhos (see Lancaster General Hospital. School of Nursing)
The Lantern
Lark (see Hesston College)
Lark Links (see Eastern Mennonite College/University)
Lark News
Laureate (see Penn View Christian School)
Laurel Messenger (see Historical and Genealogical Soc. of Somerset County)
Laurel Wreath (see Lancaster Mennonite School)
Laurelville Breezes
Leader (Mennonite Church)
Lebanon City and County
Lebanon County Historical Society
- Bulletin
- Seeds of History
Legislative Bulletin (see Pennsylvania. Department of Community Affairs)
Lehigh County Historical Society
- Proceedings
Letter to Boys and Girls (see Mennonite Central Committee)
Letter to GEM Associates (see Gateway Evangelistic Ministries)
Liberty to the Captives (see Mennonite Central Committee. Peace Section.)
The Librarian (see Lancaster Mennonite Conference)
Library Journal
Library of Congress
- American Folklife Center. Folklife Center News.
- Cataloging Service Bulletin
- Information Bulletin
Licht des Lebens
Life in New York Mennonite Conference (see New York Mennonite Conference)
Life Lines (see Southeastern Mennonite Conference)
Life Ministries
- Newsletter Complimentary
Lifework (see Mennonite Central Committee)
Light of Life
Lighthouse Rehabiliation Center
- LHRC News
Line upon Line (see Montgomery County Historical Society [Rockville, Md.])
Lines from Laos (see Mennonite Central Committee)
The Link (Philadelphia Mennonite Council)
Linville Hill Mennonite School
Literature Lamplighter
Lititz Area Mennonite School
- Woolgathering
- Yearbook
Lititz Express Household Almanac
Lititz Historical Foundation
- Historic Journal
Living - Buxmont
Living - Lancaster
Living - Shenandoah Valley
Living Echoes (see Iowa Mennonite Historical Society)
Living Graciously--Lancaster County (see Lancaster County)
Living History
Living Springs (Mennonite Resource Network)
Living Waters for Thirsty Souls
Local Historian (see Tri-County Heritage Society)
The Locust Branch (see Locust Grove Mennonite School)
Locust Grove Echoes (see Locust Grove Mennonite School)
Locust Grove Mennonite School
- The Locust Branch
- Locust Grove Echoes
- Yearbook
Longenecker Family Newsletter
Lost and Found
Lutheran Church Quarterly
The Lutheran Church Review
Lutheran Historical Society (Gettysburg, Pa.)
- Newsletter
Luz de la Vida

MEDA News (see Mennonite Economic Developmenmt Associates)
MEDA Store (see Mennonite Economic Developmenmt Associates)
MHEP Quarterly (see Mennonite Historians of Eastern Pennsylvania)
McClure's Magazine
MACWIN Intelligencer
Magazine of American Genealogy
Making It Right (see Lancaster Area Victim Offender Reconciliation Program)
Manheim Christian Day School
- Communicator
- Tidings
- Yearbook
Manitoba Mennonite Historical Society
- Newsletter
Maple Breezes
Maple Leaf (see Goshen College)
Maranatha Christian School
- The Beacon
Markers (see Association for Gravestone Studies)
The Marketplace (see Mennonite Economic Development Associates)
Marsh Valley Echo (see Civilian Public Service. Camp No. 67.)
Martindale District
- Our Church News
Maryland and Delaware Genealogist
Maryland Historical Magazine
Maryland Magazine of Genealogy
Masthof Bookstore (formerly Olde Springfield Shoppe)
- Catalog
Media Connections (see Mennonite Media Ministries)
MediaLinks (see Mennonite Media Ministries)
De Mennist
Menno Haven (Chambersburg, Pa.)
- Connections (formerly Menno Haven News)
Mennogesprach (see Mennonite Historical Society of Ontario)
Der Mennonit
The Mennonite (Newton, Kans.)
The Mennonite (Scottdale, Pa.)
- Christian Evangel (insert)
- Conference of Mennonites in Canada edition
- Window to Mission
Mennonite Air Missions
- Newsletter
Mennonite Association of Retired Persons
- Pages [Newsletter]
Mennonite Board of Missions and Charities
- Agape
- Booklet of Prayer
- Daily Prayer Guide
- Handbook and Annual Reports
- High-Aim Highlights
Inside Line
- Mission-Service Newsletter
- Report
- Sent
- Student & Young Adult Services. Feedback.
Mennonite Brethren Herald
Mennonite Brethren Historical Society of the West Coast
(see California Mennonite Historical Society)
Mennonite Brethren in Christ
- Yearbook
Mennonite Broadcasts
- Alive
- Heart to Heart Letter
- Heart to Heart Radio Talks (Foth)
- Heart to Heart Radio Talks (Miller)
- Heart to Heart Radio Talks (Stoltzfus)
- In Touch
- The Informer
- Mennonite Hour Radio Talks (Augsburger)
- Mennonite Hour Radio Talks (Hostetter)
- News
Mennonite Camping Association
- Newsletter
Mennonite Central Committee
(all MCC current publications except News Release)
- Africa Newsletter
- Alumni
- Among Ourselves
- Annual Report
- Bulletin
- Call to Peacemaking
- Canner Times
- China Relief Notes
- A Common Place
- Conciliation Services Quarterly
- Contact
- Counterclockwise
- Dairy Service Bulletin
- Damascus Road Newsletter
- Dialogue on Disabilities
- Draft Counselors' Update
- East Coast Update
- Educational Memo
- El Salvador
- Ethiopian Relief Notes
- European Relief Notes
- Fieldnotes
- Food and Hunger Notes
- Headquarters Letter
- The Hoe
- Immigration & Refugee Newsletter
- India News
- Intercom
- Inter-Mennonite Farm Newsletter
- Iraq
- Jottings
- Apunter (Spanish Jottings)
- Letter to Boys and Girls
- Lifework
- Lines from Laos
- Mental Health Service Newsletter
- Network Newsletter
- New Perspectives on Crime and Justice
- News Service
- Newsletter
- Newsletter for Post Service Volunteers
- Newsletter on the Americas
- Paraguay Notes
- Peace Section. Hot Line.
- Peace Section. Intercollegiate Peace Fellowship.
- Peace Section. Liberty to the Captives.
- Peace Section. Office Newsletter.
- Peace Section. Washington Memo.
- Philippine Relief Notes
- Redbud
- Release
- Report
- Resource Catalog
- Rio la Plata
Mennonite Central Committee (Continued)
- Self Help Crafts
- Self Help World
- Service Opportunities
- Services Bulletin
- Sharing with Appalachian People (SWAP)
- Shoptalk
- Shoulder Tapper
- Sounding Board
- Summer Service Newsletter
- Ten Thousand Villages News
- War Sufferers' Relief Bulletin
- Women's Activities Letter
- Women's Concerns Report
- Work Book
Mennonite Christian Brotherhood
- Brotherhood Beacon
Mennonite Christian Leadership Foundation
- Newsletter
Mennonite Church. Commission for Christian Education and Young People's Work.
- Handbook
Mennonite Church. General Assembly.
- Financial Report
- Proceedings
- Program
- Workbook
Mennonite Church. General Board.
- Journal
Mennonite Church. General Conference.
- Proceedings
- Report
- Report Submitted to Mennonite General Conference
Mennonite Church Information
Mennonite Church News and Notes
Mennonite Church USA
The Mennonite Community
Mennonite Conference of Ontario
- Calendar of Appointments
- Ontario Mennonite Evangel
Mennonite Conscientious Resistors
- Newsletter
Mennonite Directory
Mennonite Disabilities Committee
- Mirror
Mennonite Disaster Service
- Behind the Hammer
- Newsletter
Mennonite Disaster Service. Eastern Pennsylvania Unit.
- Action News
Mennonite Distorter
Mennonite Economic Development Associates
- The Marketplace
- MEDA News
- MEDA Store
Mennonite Educator
Mennonite Experience in America
- Occasional News Notes
Mennonite Family History
Mennonite Farmunity (see Civilian Public Service. Camp No. 138. Unit 2.)
Mennonite Foundation, Inc.
- Economic Outlook
- Money Matters
Mennonite Gospel Mission to Haiti
- Newsletter
Mennonite Health and Welfare
- Horizons
Mennonite Health Association
- Newsletter
Mennonite Health Journal (see Mennonite Medical Association)
Mennonite Health Services
- Connections
Mennonite Heritage (see Illinois Mennonite Heritage)
Mennonite Historian
Mennonite Historians of Eastern Pennsylvania
- Annual Report
- MHEP Quarterly (formerly Newsletter)
Mennonite Historical Association of the Cumberland Valley
- Conococheague Mennonist
Mennonite Historical Bulletin
Mennonite Historical Society
- Newsletter
Mennonite Historical Society of Ontario
- Ontario Mennonite History (formerly Mennogespräch)
Mennonite Historical Society of Saskatchewan
- News Issue
Mennonite Home (Lancaster, Pa.)
- Community Highlights
- High Lights
- Soaring
- Staffvues
- Windows (formerly Woodcrest Windows)
- Woodcrest Whisperings
Mennonite Hospital News
Mennonite Hour Radio Talks (Augsburger) (see Mennonite Broadcasts)
Mennonite Hour Radio Talks (Hostetter) (see Mennonite Broadcasts)
Mennonite Industry and Business Associates
- Newsletter
Mennonite Information Center (Berlin, Ohio)
- The Flame
The Mennonite Librarian and Archivist
Mennonite Life
Mennonite Media Ministries
- Media Connections
- Media Links
Mennonite Medical Association
- Mennonite Health Journal
- Mennonite Medical Messenger
Mennonite Medical Messenger (see Mennonite Medical Association)
Mennonite Men
Mennonite Messianic Fellowship
- Prayer Letter
Mennonite Mirror
Mennonite Mission Bulletin
Mennonite Mission Network
- Beyond Ourselves
- Directory
- Missio Dei
Mennonite Mutual Aid Association
- Annual Report
- The Auto Kit
- Courier
- Dateline
- Giving Matters
- Health Matters
- Into View
- The School Kit
- Sharing
- The Tool Kit
- Top Drawer
- Update
Mennonite Observer
The Mennonite Pastor (see Hesston College)
Mennonite Publishing House (Scottdale, Pa.)
- Annual Report
- Association of Mennonites in the Arts
- Catalog
- Congregational Literature Catalog
- Heritage Keeper
- Hi-Lights
- Training-in-Service
Mennonite Quarterly Review
Mennonite Renewal Services
- Empowered
- Newsletter
Mennonite Reporter
Mennonite Research Journal (see Lancaster Mennonite Historical Society)
Mennonite Research News and Notes
Mennonite Teachers Association
- Bulletin
Mennonite Weekly Review
- [Annual Calendar]
Mennonite Women
- Timbrel
Mennonite World Conference
- Correo
- Courier
- Newsletter
Mennonite Year Book & Almanac (see General Conference Mennonite Church)
Mennonite Yearbook & Directory (MC)
Mennonite Youth Service
Mennonitica Helvetica
Mennonitische Blätter
Mennonitische Geschichtsblätter
Mennonitische Post
Mennonitische Rundschau
Mennonitische Welt
Mennonitischer Gemeindeblatt "Brucke"
Mennonitischer Gemeinde-Kalendar
Mennonitisches Jahrbuch
Mental Health Service Newsletter (see Mennonite Central Committee)
The Mercersburg Review
Messenger (Church of the Brethren) (formerly Gospel Messenger)
The Messenger (see Eastern District [GCM])
Messenger (see Johnstown Christian School)
Messenger (see Keystone Mennonite Fellowship)
Messenger of Truth
Messiah College
- The Bridge
- Catalog
- The Clarion
The Messianic Testimony
Miami Valley Genealogical Society
- Genealogical Aids Bulletin
Michiana Anabaptist Historians
- News and Notes
Michiana Searcher
Mid-Atlantic Archivist
Mid-Atlantic Association of Museums
- Courier
- Museologist
Mid-Atlantic Germanic Society
- Der Kurier
Mid-Atlantic Mennonite Fellowship
- Mid-Atlantic Informer
Midwest Mennonite Focus
Mifflin County Historical Society
- News
Mifflin County Mennonite Historical Society
- Newsletter
Millersville International House
- Window to the World
Millersville State Teachers College
- Touchstone
The Millstream (see Lancaster Mennonite School)
Millwood District
- Millwood District Messenger
Ministry Report (see Northern Youth Programs)
Mirror (see Kansas State Historical Society)
The Mirror (see Lancaster Mennonite Hist. Society)
Mirror (see Mennonite Disabilities Committee)
Mirror (see Rosedale Bible College)
Missio Dei (see Mennonite Mission Network)
Mission Board News (see Eastern Mennonite Board of Missions)
Mission Focus
Mission Focus Annual Review
The Mission Intecessor (see Eastern Mennonite Board of Missions)
Mission Interest Committee
- Witnessing
Mission Interests Committee
- M.I.C. Newsletter
Mission Moments (see Eastern Mennonite Board of Missions)
Mission News (see Franconia Mennonite Conference. Intersections.)
Mission-Service Newsletter (see Mennonite Board of Missions and Charities)
Missionary Bulletin
Missionary Challenge (see The Challenge)
Missionary Church Historical Society
- Reflections
Missionary Evangel (see PNMC Evangel)
Missionary Guide
Missionary Light (see Virginia Mennonite Conference)
Missionary Messenger (see Eastern Mennonite Board of Missions)
Missionary Visitor
Missions-Berichte (see Deutsche Missionsgemeinschaft)
Missions Interests Committee
- Witnessing
Missions Today
Missions Yearbook (see Eastern Mennonite Board of Missions)
Money Matters (see Mennonite Foundation, Inc.)
The Monitor (see Sharon Mennonite Bible Inst.)
Montgomery County Historical Society (Rockville, Md.). Genealogical Club.
- Line Upon Line
Monthly Letter (see Women's Missionary and Service Commission)
Moravian Historical Society
- Transactions
Morgantown-Caernarvon Historical Society (see Tri-County Heritage Society)
The Motivator (see Lancaster Mennonite School)
Museologist (see Mid-Atlantic Association of Museums)
Museum Committee Progress Report (see Goshen College)
Museum Echoes
Museum News
Music Messenger
Mustard Seed (see Faith Mennonite High School)

Naaman Center
Nafzger Heritage News
National Archives & Records Administration
- Prologue
- The Record
National Association of Watch and Clock Collectors
- Bulletin
National Genealogical Inquirer
National Genealogical Society
- Annual Report
- Computer Interest Group
- NewsMagazine (formerly Newsletter)
- Quarterly
National Geographic Magazine
National Historic Communal Societies Association
- Communique
- Journal
National Interreligious Service Board for Conscientious Objectors
- General Letter
- The Reporter for Conscience Sake
National Trust for Historic Preservation
- Historic Preservation
- Preservation News
Nazareth News
Nazareth Project, Inc.
Nebraska Mennonite Historical Society
- Newsletter
Network Newsletter ( see Mennonite Central Committee)
Neff News
Der Neue Amerikanische Calender
Der Neue Reading Calender
Neuer Gemeinnübiger Pennsylvanischer Calender
The New American Almanac
New Danville District
- Our District Messenger
New Danville Mennonite School
- Newsletter
New Dimensions (see Balch Institute for Ethnic Studies)
New England Dairy Farm Unit (see Civilian Public Service.)
New Horizons (see Civilian Public Service. Camp No. 60.)
New Perspectives on Crime and Justice (see Mennonite Central Committee)
New York Mennonite Conference
- Delegate Assembly Meeting
- Life in New York Mennonite Conference (formerly Newsletter)
News and Comments from Pennsylvania History
News and Views (Speak for the Lord)
News from Home (see Eastern Mennonite Board of Missions)
News Sprinkler (see Ephrata Mennonite School)
Newsette (see Civilian Public Service. Camp No. 85.)
Newsletter for Post Service Volunteers (see Mennonite Central Committee)
Newsletter on the Americas (see Mennonite Central Committee)
Newslight (see Paradise Mennonite School)
Newswave (see Reamstown Mennonite School)
Nexus (see Conference of Mennonites in Canada)
Nightingale (see La Junta Mennonite School of Nursing)
No Longer Alone
- Newsletter
North Central Conference
- Bulletin
North Penn District
- North Penn Post
The North Star (see Ontario Mennonite Bible School and Institute)
Northern Light (Northern District [GCM])
Northern Light Gospel Missions (see Impact North Ministries)
Northern Pennsylvania
Northern Youth Programs
- Focus
- Gleanings
- The Intercessor
- Ministry Report
- Today's Native Father
Northumberland County Historical Society
- Proceedings
Northwest Conference (Mennonite Church)
- Newsletter
Notes and Queries in Brethren in Christ History
Notes for Prayer Partners (see Eastern Mennonite Board of Missions)
Now Happenings (see Eastern Mennonite Board of Missions)
Nuevo Horizonte (see Convencion Nacional de Iglesias Hispanas)
Numidia Mennonite Bible School
- Reflector
Nursery Views (see Civilian Public Service. Camp No. 40.)

Occasional News Notes (see Mennonite Experience in America)
Offering Guide (see Eastern Mennonite Board of Missions)
Office Newsletter (see Mennonite Central Committee. Peace Section.)
Ohio Amish Library
- Heritage Review
- Newsletter
Ohio Evangel (see Ohio Mennonite Conference)
Ohio Mennonite Conference
- Ohio Evangel Complimentary
- Report
Ohio's Historical Detective
The Old Country News
Old House Journal
Old Order Amish Steering Committee
- Minutes
Old Order Notes
Old Westmoreland
Old York Road Historical Society
- Bulletin
- Newsletter
Old Zion's Trumpet
Olive Branch (Civilian Public Service. Camp No. 4.)
Olive Branch Mennonite Missions
- Newsletter
OMII Newsletter
On the Line
I-W Mirror
Ontario Informer
Ontario Mennonite Bible School & Institute
- The North Star
Ontario Mennonite Evangel (see Mennonite Conference of Ontario)
Ontario Mennonite History (see Mennonite Historical Society of Ontario)
The Oracle (see Historical Society of Dauphin County)
Oral History Association
- Newsletter
Oral History Profile
Oral History Review
Oregon Menn. Historical & Genealogical Society
- Newsletter
Organization of American Historians
- Newsletter
Oriel (Moments of Glad Tidings)
The Other Side
Our Ancestors
Our Church News (see Weaverland District)
Our Church News (see Martindale District)
Our District Messenger (see New Danville District)
Our Faith ` `
Our Name's the Game (see South Central Pennsylvania Genealogical Society)
Outlook (see Lancaster County Library)

PACSCL News (see Philadelphia Area Consortium of Special Collections Libraries)
PNMC Evangel (formerly Missionary Evangel)
Pages (see Mennonite Association of Retired Persons)
Palatine Immigrant (see Palatines to America)
Palatine Patter (see Palatines to America)
Palatines to America
- Palatine Immigrant
- Palatine Patter
Palatines to America. Pennsylvania Chapter.
- Penn Pal
The Papermaker (see Historic Rittenhousetown)
Papers Read Before the Society (see Kittochtinney Historical Society)
Paradise Mennonite School
- Newslight
Paraguay Notes (see Mennonite Central Committee)
Parish Resource Center
Partners in Evangelism
Pastimes (see Waynesboro Historical Society)
Pastoral Messenger
Pathway Publishers
- Book Catalogue
Peace Sentinel (see Civilian Public Service. Camp No. 28.)
The Pearl of Great Price
Penn Foundation for Mental Health
- Horizons
Penn in Hand (see Genealogical Society of Pennsylvania)
Penn Pal (see Palatines to America. Pennsylvania Chapter.)
Penn View Christian School (formerly Franconia Mennonite School)
- Footprints
- Laureate
Pennotes (see Pennsylvania. State Archives)
Der Pennsylvaanisch-Eileschpiggel
Pennsylvania Correspondent (see Historical Society of Pennsylvania)
Pennsylvania. Department of Community Affairs.
- Community Affairs
- Courier
- Legislative Bulletin
- Monthly Bulletin
- Report
Pennsylvania. Department of Internal Affairs.
- Monthly Bulletin
Pennsylvania Dutchman (see Pennsylvania Folklife)
Pennsylvania Ethnic Studies
- Newsletter
Pennsylvania Farm Bureau Federation
Pennsylvania Federation of Historical Societies
Pennsylvania Federation of Junior Historians
- Junior Historian
Pennsylvania Federation of Museums (formerly Pennsylvania Federation of Historical Societies)
- Acts and Proceedings
- Tapestry
Pennsylvania Folklife
Pennsylvania Folklore Society
- Keystone Folklore
Pennsylvania Genealogical Magazine (see Genealogical Society of Pennsylvania)
Pennsylvania Genealogist and Historian
The Pennsylvania-German
Pennsylvania German Cultural Heritage Center
- Heritage Center News
Pennsylvania German Folklore Society
- Bulletin
Pennsylvania German Folklore Society of Ontario
- Newsletter
Pennsylvania German Heritage
The Pennsylvania-German Magazine
Pennsylvania German Society
- Es Elbedritsche
- Der Reggeboge
Pennsylvania Heritage (see Pennsylvania. Historical and Museum Commission.)
Pennsylvania Heritage Society
- Quarterly Newsletter
Pennsylvania. Historical & Museum Commission.
- Annual Report
- Friendscript
- Pennsylvania Heritage
Pennsylvania Historical Association
- Pennsylvania History
Pennsylvania History (see Pennsylvania Historical Association)
Pennsylvania Junior Historian
Pennsylvania Humanities
Pennsylvania Magazine of History and Biography (see Historical Society of Pennsylvania)
Pennsylvania Mennonite Federal Credit Union
- C.U. Shares
Pennsylvania Mennonite Heritage (see Lancaster Mennonite Hist. Society)
Pennsylvania Notes
Pennsylvania Oral History Newsletter
Pennsylvania Preservation
Pennsylvania Relief Sale
- Dutch Quilt Auction Catalogue
Pennsylvania School Journal
Pennsylvania. State Archives.
- Pennotes
Pennsylvania. State Library.
- The Forum
Pennsylvania Traveller-Post
Pennsylvania Trust for Historic Preservation
- [Newsletter]
The Pennsylvanian
The People's Place (Intercourse, Pa.)
- Associates' Newsletter
- Gallery Newsletter
Pequea Bruderschaft Library
- Minutes, Board of Directors
The Perkiomen Region
The Perry Historians
- The Perry Historians
- Perry Review
Perry Review (see The Perry Historians)
Pfalzisch-Rheinische Familienkunde
Philadelphia Anabaptist Community
- Citybeat
Philadelphia Area Consortium of Special Collections Libraries
Philadelphia Mennonite High School
- Update
Philhaven Hospital
- Annual Report
- Bits and Pieces
- Philhaven Perspective
Philippine Relief Notes (see Mennonite Central Committee)
Philippine Witness Newsletter
Phoenix (see Eastern Mennonite College/University)
Photographic Conservation
Poultry Lines (see Weaver, Victor F., Inc.)
Pieces of the Rock (see Black Rock Retreat)
Pike View Peace News (see Civilian Public Service. Camp No. 5.)
Pilgrim Mennonite Conference
- Pilgrim Witness
Pioneer (see Greenwood Mennonite School)
Pioneer (see Western Mennonite School)
Plain Communities Business Exchange
Plain Interests
Pleasant Valley Mennonite School
- Yearbook
The Plough
Ponty Journal (see Gateway Evangelistic Ministries)
Post American (see Sojourners)
The Practical Farmer
Prairie View Press
- Catalog
Prayer Letter (see Mennonite Messianic Fellowship)
Preservation (see Historic Preservation Trust of Lancaster County)
Preservation (see Preservation Fund of Pennsylvania)
Preservation Bulletin (see Historic Preservation Trust of Lancaster County)
Preservation Fund of Pennsylvania
- Preservation
- Preserving Pennsylvania
Preservation News (see National Trust for Historic Preservation)
Preservation Update
Preserving Our Heritage
Preserving Pennsylvania (Preservation Fund of Pennsylvania)
Proclamation (see Southeast Mennonite Conference)
Program Builder
Program Guide
Prologue (see National Archives & Records Administration)
Provident Book Finder (see Provident Bookstores)
Provident Bookstores
- It's Providential
- Provident Book Finder
- Provident Book Finder--Special Leaders Ed.
- Provident Library Associates
- Plan [Newsletter]
- Provident News (Lancaster Edition)
Publick Notice (see Hans Herr House Foundation)
Publishing Newsletter (see Christian Printing Mission)
Pulse (Letters Written from CPS Camps) (see Civilian Public Service)
Pursue a Vision (see Associated Mennonite Biblical Seminary)

Quaker Religious Thought
The Quaker Yeoman
Quakertown Historical Society
- Town Crier
Quarterly Review of the Evangelical Lutheran Church
The Quill (see Belleville Mennonite School)

Reaching Out
Reamstown Mennonite School
- Newswave
Record (see Goshen College)
The Record (see National Archives & Records Administration)
The Redbud (see Mennonite Central Committee)
Reflections (see Iowa Mennonite Historical Society)
Reflections (see Missionary Church Historical Society)
Reflections (see Tel Hai Retirement Community)
Reflections (see Weavertown Mennonite School)
Reflector (see Numidia Mennonite Bible School)
Reformed Church Monthly
Reformed Quarterly Review
Der Reggeboge (see Pennsylvania German Society)
Renewal Resources, Inc.
- Salt & Light
The Report Card (see Lancaster Mennonite School)
The Reporter for Conscience Sake
(see National Interreligious Service Board for Conscientious Objectors)
Resource Catalog (see Mennonite Central Committee)
Restore 'n' More
Reviews in American History
Revival Notes (Brunk Revival, 1961)
Rheems Mennonite School
- Highway Highlights
Rio la Plata (see Mennonite Central Committee)
The Rising Tide (see Civilian Public Service. Camp No. 33.)
Rockingham County Historical Society (Va.)
- Rockingham Recorder
Rockway Mennonite School
- Callendar
- Rockway Lighthouse
Rod and Staff Publishers
- Catalog
- Rod and Staff Newsletter
The Rose (see Sharon School [Tampa, Fla.])
Rosedale Bible College (formerly Rosedale Bible Institute)
- Catalogue
- Gospel Star
- Mirror
- Rosedale Newsletter
- Student Handbook
Rosedale Mennonite Missions
- Focus
Rough and Tumble Engineers' Association
- The Whistle
Rowsburg Bookstore (Rowsburg, Ohio)
- The Country Scholar
Rural Evangel (see Gospel Evangel)
Rushmore Reflector (see Civilian Public Service. Camp No. 57.)

SWAP (Sharing with Appalachian People) (see Mennonite Central Committee)
St. Clair's Bedford: History and Genealogy of Bedford County
Salt & Light (see Renewal Resources, Inc.)
Saskatchewan Mennonite Historian
The School Kit (see Mennonite Mutual Aid Association)
Schul Andenken (see Christopher Dock Menn. High School)
Schmucker-Smoker-Smucker Newsletter
Schürch Family Association of North America
- Newsletter
Schwenkfelder Library
- Newsletter
The Schwenkfeldian
Second Mile Signpost (see Eastern Mennonite Board of Missions)
Seeds of History (see Lebanon County Historical Society)
Selective Service News
Self Help Crafts (see Mennonite Central Committee)
Self Help World (see Mennonite Central Committee)
Seminarian (see Bethany Theological Seminary)
The Seminarian (see Eastern Mennonite Seminary)
Sent (see Mennonite Board of Missions)
Sequoia Hi-Lights (see Civilian Public Service. Camp No. 107.)
Service Opportunities (see Mennonite Central Committee)
Services Bulletin (see Mennonite Central Committee)
Shalom Christian Academy
- Shalom Scroll
Sharing (see Mennonite Mutual Aid Association)
Sharing Programs
- Annual Report
- Journey
Sharing with Appalachian People (SWAP) (see Mennonite Central Committee)
Sharon Mennonite Bible Institute
- Course Catalog
- The Monitor
- News Release
Sharon School (Tampa, Fla.)
- The Rose
Shenandoah (see Eastern Mennonite College/University)
Shenandoah Mennonite Historian
Shenandoah Valley Bach Festival (see Eastern Mennonite College/University)
Die Shilgrut fun der Tulpehock (see Tulpehocken Settlement Hist. Society)
Shepherd's Fold
Die Shilgrut fun der Tulpehock (see Tulpehocken Settlement Historical Society)
The Shining Light (see Washington-Baltimore District)
Shoptalk (see Mennonite Central Committee)
Shoulder Tapper (see Mennonite Central Committee)
The Signpost
Signs of the Times (see Christian Peacemaker Teams)
The Silent Evangel
Silhouette (see Lancaster Mennonite School)
Silhouette (see TerreHill Mennonite High School)
Silver Crest (see Faith Mennonite High School)
The Skyliner (see Civilian Public Service. Camp No. 45.)
Smoke Jumper's Load Line (see Civilian Public Service. Camp No. 103.)
The Snowliner (see Civilian Public Service. Camp No. 31.)
Snyder County Historical Society
- Bulletin
Soaring (see Mennonite Home [Lancaster, Pa.])
Society for American Music (formerly The Sonneck Society)
- Annual Conference
- Bulletin
- Membership Directory
Society for German-American Studies
- Bulletin of German-American Studies
- Journal of German American Studies
- Newsletter
- Yearbook
Society for the History of the Germans in Maryland
- Report
Society of American Archivists
- The American Archivist
- The Archival Spirit
- Consect News
- Newsletter
The Soil (see Civilian Public Service. Camp No. 24.)
Sojourners (formerly Post American)
Somerset Past
Sons of the Revolution. Pennsylvania Society
- Proceedings
Sounding Board (see Mennonite Central Committee)
South American Mission News
South Central Pennsylvania Genealogical Soc.
- Our Name's the Game
- Special Publication
Southeast Mennonite Conference
- Proclamation
- Report Booklet
Southeastern Mennonite Conference
- Life Lines
Southern Lancaster County Historical Society
- Newsletter
- Yearbook
Southwest Messenger
Southwestern Pennsylvania Conference News (see Allegheny Conference News)
Southwestern Pennsylvania Mission News
Souvenance Anabaptiste
The Sparrow (Oral History, Conestoga Valley High School)
Springfield Township Historical Society
- Newsletter
Spruce Lake Retreat
- Spruce Lake Reflections
The Staff
Staff Bulletin (see Lancaster Mennonite School)
Staffvues (see Mennonite Home [Lancaster, Pa.])
Stagecoach Library Bulletin
The Stanza (see Hymn Society of the United States and Canada)
Star of Hope
Stark County Mennonite & Amish Hist. Soc.
- Heritage
Stephenson County Genealogical Society
- Stephenson County Swoghen
Story Friends
Story Mates
Strasburg Weekly News
Studebaker Family National Association
- [Newsletter]
Summer Service Newsletter (see Mennonite Central Committee)
The Summit (see Kraybill Mennonite School)
Sunday News (do not save)
Sunday School Herald (Brethren in Christ)
Swartz-Luther Ancestry Trails and Tales
Swiss-American Historical Society
- Newsletter
- Review
Swiss Community Historical Society
- Newsletter
The Swiss Connection
Swoghen (see Stephenson County Genealogical Society)
Sword and Trumpet
- Anabaptist (Mennonite) Directory
The Sword and Trumpet
Synapses Messages

TMTC Newsletter (see Toronto Mennonite Theological Center)
Tabor Community Services, Inc.
- Annual Report
- Tabor Happenings
- Tabor Talk
Tapestry (see Pennsylvania Federation of Museums)
Task Force Against Family Violence
Teaching Genealogy
Tel Hai Retirement Community
- Annual Report
- The Hai Lights
- Reflections
Terre Hill Mennonite High School
- Kaleidoscope
- Newsletter
- Silhouette
Ten Thousand Villages News (see Mennonite Central Committee)
This Month at Hesston College (see Hesston College)
Threads of Truth (see Eastern Mennonite Board of Missions)
Through the School Window (see Flintstone Mennonite School)
Tidings (see Manheim Christian Day School)
Tidings of Peace Christian School
Timbrel (see Mennonite Women)
Timely Truth
Tips and Tidbits for Genealogical Instructors
Today (see Eastern Mennonite High School)
Today (see Evangelical Mennonite Church)
Today (see Hesston College)
Today's Native Father (see Northern Youth Programs)
- Annville/Lebanon Community
- Boonsboro [Md.] and Surrounding Area
- Bowmansville
- Chestnut Hill
- Community Mennonite
- Dargan Mennonite
- East Petersburg Area
- Elizabethtown-Hershey
- Groffdale
- Hanoverdale
- Hinkletown
- Ironville/Westvue
- Lancaster East
- Landisville/Salunga
- Leola
- Lewiston-Auburn Neighbors
- Lititz Community
- Locust Lane
- Lost Creek
- Manheim Community
- Manheim Township
- Marion
- Martinsburg
- Mount Joy Mennonite
- Mount Vernon
- Mountville
- Munjoy Hill Neighbors
- Neffsville Area
- Neighbors
- New Holland
- North Side
- Oxford/Nottingham
- Rohrerstown
- Sandy Hill
- South Chambersburg
- Susquehanna Valley
- Warfordsburg
- West Chambersburg
- West End
The Tool Kit (see Mennonite Mutual Aid Association)
Top Drawer (see Mennonite Mutual Aid Association)
The Torch (see Eastern Mennonite Seminary)
Toronto Mennonite Theological Center
- TMTC Newsletter
Touchstone (see Millersville State Teachers College)
Town Crier (see Quakertown Historical Society)
The Trail Seekers (see Gochenour Family)
The Trailmaker (see Civilian Public Service. Camp No. 55.)
Training-in-Service (see Mennonite Publishing House)
The Triangle
Tributary (see Lancaster Mennonite School)
Tri-County Heritage Society (formerly Morgantown-Caernarvon Hist. Soc.)
- The Local Historian
The Trumpeter (see Upward Call Counseling Services, Inc.)
The Truth Crusader
Tulpehocken Settlement Historical Society
- Die Shilgrut fun der Tulpehock
- The Tulpehocken Tattler
The Turnpike Echo (see Civilian Public Service. Camp No. 20.)
2160 Notes (see Lancaster Mennonite Conference)

Unifier (see Civilian Public Service. Camp No. 44.)
Union County Historical Society
- Calendar of Events
- Heritage
United Action Newsletter
United Native Ministries
- Newsletter
United Zion Church. Dauphin County District Conference.
- Minutes
United Zion Church. General Conference.
- Minutes
United Zion Church. Lancaster County District Conference.
- Minutes
United Zion Church. Lebanon County District Conference.
- Minutes
Update (see Mennonite Mutual Aid Association)
Update (see Philadelphia Mennonite High School)
Upland College
- Echo
Upward Call Counseling Services, Inc.
- The Trumpeter
Urban Archives Notes
Urban Connections

Valley Gazette (see Landis Valley Museum)
Valley Mennonite Messenger
The Valley Zephyr (see Belleville Mennonite School)
Victor F. Weaver, Inc. (see Weaver, Victor F., Inc.)
Victory Calls
The Vindicator
The Virginia Deaf Brethren
Virginia Mennonite Conference
- Connections
- Missionary Light
- Report
Vision (see Associated Mennonite Biblical Seminary)
Visitor (formerly Evangelical Visitor)
Voice (see Women's Missionary and Service Commission)
The Voice of Truth (see Crusade Witness)
The Volunteer (see Eastern Mennonite Board of Missions)
De Vredesbrief

Der Waffenlose Waechter
Der Wahrheitsfreund
War Sufferers' Relief Bulletin (see Mennonite Central Committee)
Warwick River Tide
Washington-Baltimore District
- The Shining Light
Washington Memo (see Mennonite Central Committee. Peace Section.)
The Watchful Pilgrim
Watchword Messenger
Waterloo County Times
Waterloo Historical Society
- Annual Volume
The Way
Waynesboro Historical Society
- Antietam Ancestors
- Conococheague QueryLine
- Pastimes (formerly Newsletter)
We Care Newsletter
We-La-Voco (see West Lampeter Vocational High School)
Weather Vane (see Eastern Mennonite College/University)
Weaver, Victor F., Inc.
- Entree
- Poultry Lines
Weaver Whippletree
Weaverland District
- Our Church News
Weavertown Mennonite School
- Reflections
Wee Lambs
Weeping Water News Drops (see Civilian Public Service. Camp No. 25.)
Welcome Tidings
Welsh Mountain Samaritan Home
- Newsletter
We're History (see Disciples of Christ Historical Society)
Wesleyan/Holiness Studies Center
- Bulletin
West Indies Witness
West Lampeter Vocational High School
- We-La-Voco
Western Maryland Genealogy
Western Mennonite School
- Contact
- Pioneer
Western Pennsylvania Historical Magazine (see Historical Society of Western Pa.)
Whispering Pines (see Civilian Public Service. Camp No. 8.)
The Whistle (see Rough and Tumble Engineers' Association)
Wilderness Chronicle
Windber-Johnstown Area Genealogical Society
- The Crest
Window (see Associated Mennonite Biblical Seminary)
Window to Mission (see The Mennonite [Newton, Kans.])
Window to the World (see Millersville International House)
Windows (see Mennonite Home [Lancaster, Pa.])
Windsock (see Eastern Mennonite High School)
Witmarsum (see Bluffton College)
Witness (see Brethren Revival Fellowship)
Witnessing (see Mission Interest Committee)
Women's Activities Letter (see Mennonite Central Committee)
Women's and Preschool Directory
Women's and Preschool Newsletter
Women's Concerns Report (see Mennonite Central Committee)
Women's Missionary and Service Commission
- Bible Study Guide
- Devotional Guide
- Girls Missionary & Service Auxiliary
- Monthly Letter
- Voice
Woodcrest Whisperings (see Mennonite Home [Lancaster, Pa.])
Woolgathering (see Lititz Area Mennonite School)
Words of Cheer
Work Book (see Mennonite Central Committee)

YES Associates (see Eastern Mennonite Board of Missions)
YPCA Report (see Eastern Mennonite College/University)
The Yellowstone Builder (see Civilian Public Service. Camp No. 64.)
Yoder Family Tree
Yoder Newsletter
York County Heritage Trust (formerly Historical Society of York County)
- Annual Report
- Yearbook
- York Gazette and Public Advertiser
York Gazette and Public Advertiser (see York County Heritage Trust)
York Street Community Services
- Newsletter
Young Companion (formerly Ambassador of Peace)
Young People's Paper
Your Family Tree
Youth Guide
Youth Memo (see Lancaster Mennonite Conference. Youth and Young Adult Commission.)
Youth Messenger
Youth Program Ideas
Youth Scoop
Youth's Christian Companion

Zaire Missionary Messenger
Zelienople Historical Society
- Newsletter
Zürcher Taschenbuch

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