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2015 Pennsylvania German Folk Art Show & Sale

November 20 – December 31
Tuesday – Saturday, 8:30 AM – 4:30 PM

Local artists will display their wares, covering a broad swath of traditional art forms. This includes fraktur, a “broken” method of lettering originally developed to illuminate manuscripts; redware, low-fired ceramics made with red clay; and scherenschnitte, intricate patterns and scenes cut out of paper. There will also be painted boxes, including traditional Dutch patterns and those featuring false graining; hand-woven textiles; and hand-quilted wall hangings. In addition to utilitarian offerings, some have a touch of whimsy, such as hand-carved wooden birds.

Director Rolando Santiago notes: "The Lancaster Mennonite Historical Society is honored to support the fascinating art of local Pennsylvania German folk artists.  When you take a close look at each art form, whether it's a fraktur, ceramic, woodwork or hand painted ornament, the artists give you a glimpse of the heart and soul of Pennsylvania German culture."

All forms of artwork in the show originate in the communities of Swiss and German immigrants to Pennsylvania. They are marked by bold colors and elaborate decoration. Common motifs include birds and flowers.

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